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Moonshine Slot Machine

You might not amass the mountains of cash that the mob earned during the now infamous prohibition era, but you could enjoy a big slice of the profits as you head to the Deep South to join a family of rednecks, headed by a gun-toting granny, to ensure a steady supply of their illegal drink makes it onto the black market.

Designed using cartoon graphics, the colourful clan members who feature in Moonshine by Microgaming don’t appear to be the sharpest tools in the box, however, they are deadly serious about bypassing high taxes and alcoholic bans to cash in on the popularity of their illicit liquor and distribute it to as many customers as possible.

An Extra Pair of Hands

The redneck clan are brewing around the clock and they are desperate for an extra pair of hands, but you’ll have to pay a low limit of 25p, up to a maximum of £250, if you want to join them and receive a slice of the profits as real cash.

Boasting a simple structure of 5 reels with 3 rows and 25 adjustable paylines, that could prove to be a small price to pay as brewing and distributing the moonshine can see you take advantage of several bonus features for wins of up to 8,000 coins!

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Welcome to the Family

You’ll be hoping the wins flow as readily as the moonshine as you’re welcomed to the family to help them boost their production of the illicit liquor and the quirky banjo tune that echoes out whenever you do win could see you dance around like you’ve had one too many.

All that brewing will have you and the rest of the clan working up a hefty appetite, therefore you’ll be rewarded with up to 40 coins for slicing up kiwis, a maximum of 50 coins for opening tins of sardines, you’ll secure up to 60 coins for brewing some homemade soup, you will feast on wins of up to 80 coins for cooking beans on a pan, while helping granny bake a pumpkin pie will see sink your teeth into wins of up to 90 coins.

The sleep eyes of the family’s pet pig highlights how overworked it’s been and you’ll receive up to 100 coins for letting it have a nap as you take over, helping the muscular redneck ensure nobody gets near their product sees you receive up to 200 coins, the buck-toothed member of the clan playing the banjo will be music to your ears as you pocket up to 400 coins and impressing the pipe-smoking redneck who supervises you will see you collect up to 500 coins.

Finally, you might get an almighty fright from granny as she rocks backwards and forwards in her rocking chair before swinging the barrels of her fully-loaded shotgun towards you. Your heart will most likely skip a few beats, but it’s well worth the fright as she represents the Wild symbol and will reward you with up to 8,000 coins as she quickly remembers you’ve joined the family and aren’t there to steal her moonshine.

Distract the Sheriff

Rumours that the clan are the culprits for flooding the area with moonshine have reached the Sheriff’s office, therefore he has decided to pay them a visit and lay down the law. Rather than have granny blast him with the shotgun, it’s up to you to distract him before he knocks on the door.

The Sheriff represents the Scatter symbol in this free Moonshine slots game and your reward for biding time so that the others can gather up all the ingredients and hide them along with the jars that are ready to distribute sees you secure 2x your stake for a trio of them on the reels at the same time, 25x your stake for four and 60x your stake for five.

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