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A notorious jewel thief has struck once again and now it’s your turn to put the safe-cracking tips that he’s passed on to you to the test as Jewel Thief by Microgaming sees you go on the rob in the hopes of getting your hands on a big sparkling diamond that can be sold on the black market.

The master thief has provided you with detailed information on the whereabouts of a safe, which is filled to the brim with bars and diamonds that are worth up to 6,000 coins, to see if you can follow in his footsteps by successfully cracking it and escaping with all the loot.

Just make sure you slip a balaclava on, wear a pair of gloves and have fast trainers on for the getaway as getting caught red-handed will see you languish behind bars rather than turn those diamonds into real cash!

Crack the Combination

You know you’re in for a bout of classic slots action as soon as the Jewel Thief video slot loads as any slot that displays the pay table in full alongside the reels is guaranteed to boast a simple structure.

That proves to be the case once more as Jewel Thief is a 3-reeled slot machine that contains 3 adjustable paylines. The value of coins ranges from 25p up to a high limit of £5 but you’ll have to play with all lines active if you want a shot of getting your hands on the jackpot prize, therefore cracking the combination of the safe will cost between 75p and £15 each time.

That’s a rather lofty minimum bet for a 3-reeled slot, so make sure you understand bankroll management or alarm bells will be ringing when you look at your balance after a few spins.

And those of you who love bonus features won’t be grinning like the master thief is underneath the reels as there is only a Wild symbol, however, that was always to be expected as it’s an online slot that is clearly aimed at players who love fast-paced action.

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Jewel Thief

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Raiding the Safe

Whenever I mentioned that there are bars in the safe, I’ll bet you got excited and instantly thought of shiny gold bars stacked in a neat pile, however, you’re in for a surprise in this free Jewel Thief slot machine if you manage to crack the combination and get your hands on the contents of the safe.

Instead of gold bars, it’s the classic bar symbols that have long-featured in online fruit machines which represent the least valuable symbols in Jewel Thief. Rewards of 25 coins are on offer for lining up a trio of the single red bars, the blue double bars are worth 50 coins, the yellow triple bars see you secure 100 coins, while any combination of them is worth 5 coins.

Dialling in the correct combination to unlock the safe will see you scoop 300 coins and this will enable you to get your hands on the sparkling diamonds inside, with up to 500 coins on offer for escaping with the largest one.

Job done? Not so fast. The only symbols you’ll want to see on the reels more frequently than diamonds are the Jewel Thief logo as this represents the Wild symbol and substitutes for all others.

It’s also the highest-paying symbol and you’ll be paying close attention which line you land a trio of them across as three of them appearing across the first line is a sight worth 1,500 coins, lining them up on the second line sees you collect 3,000 coins, while the jackpot prize of 6,000 coins is claimed whenever you line them up across the third line.

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