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Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot

Ready yourself for a perilous journey as Jason and the Golden Fleece by Microgaming sees you board the Argo to set sail with the ancient Greek mythological hero and his clan of Argonauts on a quest to retrieve the fabled Golden Fleece so that he can claim his rightful throne in the city of Iolcus.

Considered to be a symbol of authority and kingship, the fleece is held in Colchis and guarded by a sleepless dragon, so retrieving it won’t be as straightforward as popping to your local shop for a loaf of bread and this is highlighted by the dramatic soundtrack that relays an epic sense of adventure.

The muscle-clad hero has plenty of assistance with many of the main figures from the legendary tale featuring as symbols on the reels and, while Medea has fallen in love with him and promised to help on the condition that he takes her with him and marries her, you’ve made it clear that your assistance relies on the promise of plenty of real cash if the quest proves to be successful – and Jason is only too willing to oblige!

Hop on Board the Argo

Microgaming have opted for the tried-and-tested structure of 5 reels and 25 fixed paylines to recount the famous tale with players allowed to hop on board the Argo from a low limit of just 25p.

The choppy waters are visible in the background, however, it’s rather disappointing that the clouds in the sky aren’t as dynamic.

A couple of bonus features as epic as the story have been included too with powerful Wild symbols triggering a Free Spins feature and Jason’s Journey sees you sail to six legendary locations where you’ll be picking items for big prizes.

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Jason and the Golden Fleece

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Heroic Rewards

So many casino slot machines boasting an ancient Greek mythology theme are filled with unrelated playing card symbols, so it’s great to see that none feature on the pay table of Jason and the Golden Fleece, with characters and locations from the legendary tale featuring instead.

The castle of Iolcus provides stunning views and sees you collect up to 2x your stake, stopping in Mysia as the full moon shines sees you secure up to 2.4x your stake, passing the treacherous cliffs of Symplegades while dodging the lightning that strikes sees you pocket up to 3.2x your stake.

Encountering Talos of Crete sees you presented with up to 4x your stake, resisting the temptations of the sirens of Sirenum sees you rewarded with up to 4.8x your stake, while reaching Colchis and tracking down the sleepless dragon who is guarding the Golden Fleece sees you scoop up to 6x your stake.

Pulling the oars of the Argo will have you working up a sweat but it’s worth the maximum rewards of up to 24x your stake, the Argonauts taking a shine to you could see them present you with up to 32x your stake, while impressing Chiron the Centaur, Medea or Jason will see you secure up to 40x, 60x and 80x your stake respectively.

Journey Across Six Locations

The journey to Colchis wasn’t a straightforward one and Microgaming have done a great job incorporating many of the obstacles that Jason and his crew faced as they travelled across the choppy waters.

Jason’s Journey is the most exciting aspect of the Jason and the Golden Fleece video slot as it sees the Argo sail to the next location on the map every time you land at least three Scatter symbols, represented by the famous Golden Fleece, to trigger the feature.

Reaching Iolcus sees you boost your balance by picking six out of twelve shields to reveal cash values that can see you secure up to 15,000 coins. Up to 12,500 coins are on offer for matching four of the same elements in Mysia and the same amount can be won in Symplegades as you pick items from a shipwreck with the option of returning what you’ve picked to select something else in the hopes of it possessing a greater value.

Arriving in Crete sees you spin the Wheel of Talos up to five times as you scoop a maximum of 20,000 coins, safely arriving in Sirenum sees you play a higher-or-lower card game in the hopes of winning a poker bonus and claiming up to 37,000 coins, while up to 19,000 coins are on offer in Colchis, your ultimate destination, as you develop a powerful potion to make the dragon sleep for as long as possible so that the Golden Fleece can be nabbed.

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