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Good to Go Slot Machine

You might not get to line up against elite drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel in Good to Go by Microgaming, but it is sure to give you an adrenaline rush as you get strapped into a Formula 1 car, take your position on the starting grid and wait for the lights to go out before going from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, the reels don’t spin as quickly as you’d expect from a racing-themed slot, so a little patience will be required by the speed junkies amongst you. The graphics are also quite disappointing as they appear older than the early 2013 date that Good to Go was released, however, the red racing car you find yourself clutching the steering wheel of will make you feel like you’re guiding a Ferrari around the track so it’s easy to overlook these negatives.

Race Day Has Arrived

Available at all UK online casinos offering software by Microgaming, Good to Go provides you with the opportunity to line up on the starting grid by paying a low limit of just 9p as it’s a 5x3 reeled slot that contains a maximum of 9 paylines – who said Formula 1 was only for the elite?!

Grid girls are always a welcome sight, not only because of their beautiful appearance but also due to them representing the Wild symbol and presenting you the top prize of 5,000 coins, but be careful not to get too distracted by them or you could find yourself flying off the track and crashing into a wall of tyres.

A few other bonus features can be experienced as you burn rubber racing around the track in the hopes of leaving your competitors for dust as there are Scatter wins worth up to 50x your stake that can trigger a Free Spins feature where every spin is guaranteed to be a winner, plus those of you seeking an even greater adrenaline rush can utilise a double-or-nothing game!

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Good to Go

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Lights Out

A total of fifteen different symbols, two of which are special, fill the pay table of Good to Go and it’s a slot that might boast a record of its very own as eight of them are represented by playing card symbols.

These letters and numbers represent the information relayed through your helmet by your team members in the garage who are closely watching all the car’s statistics to indicate how you are fairing and when a pit stop will be required. Rewards of up to 100 coins on offer for lining up 7 and 8 symbols, up to 150 coins is won for collecting 9, 10 and J symbols, greater rewards of up to 250 coins are on offer for matching Q and K symbols, while sets of A symbols see you scoop up to 500 coins.

A quick change of tyres in the pit lane sees you secure up to 500 coins, up to 1,000 coins is on offer for lining up your crash helmet and spotting chequered flags being waved, the G2G logo and a view of your Formula 1 car are worth a maximum of 2,500 coins, while those sexy grid girls, who represent the Wild, present you with prize money worth up to 5,000 coins and can substitute for all but Scatters.

Hit Top Speed for Free Spins

Flicking the paddle behind your steering wheel to shift through the gears sees your speedometer rise to the maximum level as you fly around the track at lightning-fast speeds and you’ll be hoping it’s a sight you see plenty of times playing the Good to Go video slot as the speedometer represents the Scatter symbol.

Spotting the speedometer on the reels three times sees you secure 6x your stake, four of them are worth 20x your stake and five of them appearing at the same time see you collect 50x your stake, plus you will trigger a Free Spins feature where every spin is guaranteed to be a winning one.

Interestingly, the Scatter symbols that trigger the feature are held in place and any subsequent Scatters that appear are also held as your free spins counter resets back to three.

You’ll be hoping to secure all five Scatters on the reels at the same time as this means the maximum win is repeated three times and you’re guaranteed to be spraying champagne from the podium!

Pump Up the Adrenaline

As if the breakneck speeds you race around the track at don’t get enough adrenaline flowing through your veins, you’ll have the opportunity to pump it up further in this free Good to Go slot by utilising the Gamble feature after winning combinations.

This sees you take a quick break from racing around the circuit to risk your winnings on the flip of a playing card. Correctly predict whether the card will be red (diamond or heart) or black (club or spade) and you will double your money, however, get it wrong gambling and you’ll lose your winnings as you find yourself at the bottom of the pack trying to get into a winning position once again.

Victory Lap

Fingers crossed you’ll be enjoying an extra lap of the track while spectators celebrate you crossing the winning line in first place, although I’ve got a feeling that you’ll be looking to refuel and fly around the track a few more times as the bonus features in Good to Go see you race to riches!

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