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Gift Rap Slot Machine

The presents that Santa delivers don’t just magically wrap themselves and there are far too many of them for the big man to wrap all by himself, therefore, Gift Rap by Microgaming sees you roped in to joining an army of elves at his busy workshop to lend an extra pair of hands.

Despite their big ears, a few of the elves have clearly misinterpreted Santa’s orders to, “wrap as fast as you can”, as they grab microphones instead, turn up the rap music that blasts from the surrounding speakers and spit out lyrics quicker than you can say, “Merry Christmas!”.

Santa’s Little Helper

As the newest recruit in Santa’s workshop, you’d probably expect the background to provide a view of the elves busy at work wrapping a mountain of presents while a few of them perform festive raps, however, it’s simply light green silhouettes of a Christmas tree printed on a darker green background and that will leave many players disappointed.

Consisting of 5 reels with 3 rows of cartoon symbols and 25 adjustable paylines, Gift Rap boasts a payout percentage of 96.62% and you can become one of Santa’s little helpers from a low limit of 25p, although those of you who wish to play for free can do so below with no download needed.

Christmas is a time for giving and Santa will be giving you plenty of real cash for your assistance thanks to the inclusion of several bonus features including a Wild symbol that can see you receive the gift of up to 60,000 coins, Scatter wins worth up to 80x your stake, plus a Gift Grab Bonus where you can select your own presents from Santa’s stockpile of goodies!

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Gift Rap

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Less Wrapping, More Rapping!

That’s what you’ll be hoping for while playing the Gift Rap video slot as the presents that need to be wrapped represent the lower-valued symbols, whereas elves taking a break from the wrapping to entertain you with a few festive raps will see you pocket even more cash.

While high-tech gadgets dominate letters written to Santa nowadays, it’s five traditional presents that represent the least valuable symbols and your rewards for wrapping sets of each will vary.

Covering squeaky toy hammers in wrapping paper sees you collect up to 50 coins and it’s also the only symbol aside from the Wild that sees you paid for lining up a pair instead of requiring a minimum of three like the others.

Wrapping a set of spinning tops sees you secure up to 100 coins, covering cassette players with a microphone earns you up to 150 coins, while wrapping the wind-up teddy bears with drums or cymbal-clashing monkeys will see you rewarded with up to 175 or 200 coins respectively.

Whether you’re a fan of rap music or not, elves grabbing microphones and rapping to their hearts content will be music to your ears as you do their share of the work for even bigger rewards. The male and female duo, who look more like rockers than rappers, sharing a microphone sees you collect up to 600 coins, while witnessing the ginger-haired elf or the one wearing a green hat rapping will see you secure up to 800 or 1,000 coins respectively.

There are also a trio of special symbols to watch out for on the conveyor belt with Gift Rap baubles being the most sought-after. These represent the Wild symbol and could see you collect up to 60,000 coins, if you’re playing with all lines active, plus it can substitute for the Rappin’ Jack Frosts and the sprayable snow aerosol cans, which represent the Bonus and Scatter symbols respectively.

Pick Your Own Presents

On top of all the real cash that you pocket from Santa in exchange for all your hard work, you’ll get to select a selection of presents in this free Gift Rap slots game whenever three or more Rappin’ Jack Frosts spring open from their box at the same time.

You’ll be taken to a second screen where a range of presents have been lined up and you simply have to click one at a time to reveal a cash prize until a Rappin’ Jack Frost pops up. This sees the Gift Rap Bonus come to an end as a congratulatory message, designed in the style of a gift certificate, appears on screen to state your total win – which can be as much as 32,250 coins!

The Perfect Gift

The 60,000-coin jackpot on offer in Gift Rap would be the perfect gift to receive in time for Christmas, however, you’d have to be extremely lucky to get your hands on it.

Despite this, the fact that it hasn’t been mobile-optimised and the rather boring background, I still consider this to be one of the best Christmas-themed slots around as it boasts a unique theme that combines wrapping with rapping, colourful symbols, an upbeat festive soundtrack and bonus features that are sure to put you in a jolly mood - especially those Rappin' Jack Frosts!

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