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Bar Bar Black Sheep Slot

The Baa, Baa, Black Sheep nursery rhyme is said to date back to 1731 and it’s safe to assume that all of you were read or sang the rhyme as a youngster. Now that you’re all grown up you can chase around a farmer’s field trying to catch the sheep yourself in order to sheer them and fill those bags up with wool in exchange for a big payday!

Classic Rhyme, Classic Setup

Of course, this isn’t the first Nursery Rhyme themed slot that has been released by Microgaming as they are widely renowned for their sensational Rhyming Reels series of games which includes the Jack and Jill slot machine, Georgie Porgie slot machine and the Hearts & Tarts slot machine which will undoubtedly bring back a flood of childhood memories for all of you.

While all those titles all boasted a plethora of bonus features that told the story of their rhyme, Microgaming have taken a much more simplistic approach with the Bar Bar Black Sheep slot machine. As the title alludes, the focus here is to combine sheep and wool with classic bar symbols that are so common in online fruit machines. While there are only three reels and a single payline, you’ll enjoy the quirky design of the sheep as they roam around a lush green field, however if you’re not a farmer you may well grow bored of the ‘baahing’ sounds as you spin the reels – they quickly become tiresome!

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Bar Bar Black Sheep

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Bar, Bar, Bah!

Due to the simplistic structure that Microgaming have opted for with the Bar Bar Black Sheep slot machine it should come as no surprise that there is a lack of variety in regards to the symbols that you’ll see on the reels, with only sheep, bars and wool featuring. That’s a little unfortunate as the master, dame and little boy from the rhyme could all have been included too along with a view of the much talked about lane but it certainly makes it easier to create winning combinations so we won’t be too sheepish about spinning the reels anyway.

The payouts on offer will depend on the number of coins you stake, with between one and three allowed per bet, but they range from a minimum of 2 up to 1,600 coins. You’ll be rewarded every time wool appears on the reels with one, two and three symbol combinations resulting in wins, and the same can be said for the bars with single, double and treble bars all included on the reels, and you’ll even be rewarded should you land a mixture of them.

Three white sheep being rewards of between 60 and 180 coins while the highest rewards are reserved for the sheep chasers amongst you who can land a single bar on the first and second reel while capturing the elusive black sheep (which is actually the Wild symbol which pays 3x when it substitutes as part of a winning combination) on the third reel will see you scoop the jackpot of between 500 and 1,600 coins.

Bah All the Way to the Bank

What better way to relive childhood memories than reliving a classic nursery rhyme and joining in on the fun by attempting to chase down the sheep around the field in the hope of getting your hands on them, sheering them of their wool, filling bags with it and then selling them on to the master, dame, and the little boy that lives down the lane?!

Despite the simple structure and lack of bonus features, the Bar Bar Black Sheep slot machine boasts a quirky design and payouts which will see you ‘baahing’ all the way to the bank!

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