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Treasures of Troy Slot Review

The Trojan War was a monumental period in the history of Greek mythology as the Greeks invaded Troy after Paris of Troy seduced Helen from Menelaus who was her husband and the King of Sparta, and now you have the opportunity to reap the rewards of war as the battle is relived and you go in search of the treasures that have been left behind in destroyed buildings.

A Multiway Slot

The period was famous for its incredible architecture and the reels are set on a historic building with impressive columns on each side as you gaze into the streets of Troy in the background where everything is quiet and peaceful – until your trigger the free spins feature and witness buildings erupt in flames as the war is in full swing.

Treasures of Troy is a 5x4 reeled slot machine which boasts the Multiway feature that IGT are renowned for. This enables you to play up to 40 paylines for 40 coins or else pay 80 coins to have 1,024 ways to win and thus enjoy more valuable treasure as your winnings will be greater and come more frequently – plus whenever you do land winning combinations on the reels you will hear Helen shout out to congratulate you which is a nice touch!

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Treasures of Troy

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Wage War on the Reels

As you’d expect from a slot based on one of the most famous wars in Greek mythology, the Treasures of Troy slot machine features the three main people that culminated in the war coming to fruition, with eleven symbols featuring on the reels in total.

The Treasures of Troy logo is the Wild symbol with the power to substitute for all symbols except for the Trojan Horse, although it never makes an appearance on the first reel. It’s Helen of Troy who leads the way as the most valuable symbol of all as the battle was waged over her, with Paris of Troy the second highest paying symbol, closely followed by Menelaus. You will also see a warrior’s helmet, a dagger, and Ace to Jack icons which are draped in very valuable gold jewellery.

Trojan Horse’s Filled with Free Spins

The Trojan Horse is one of the most iconic symbols from Greek mythology. It was very large hollow wooden structure of a horse in which Greek soldiers were able to hide inside in order to advance through arrows being fired at them as they entered Troy and it was created by Epeius who was a master carpenter.

In the Treasures of Troy slot machine the Trojan Horse plays an equally vital role, but rather than hiding soldiers inside, these are full of free spins for you to enjoy, with the more you land on the third reel meaning more free spins to do battle with.

2 Trojan Horse Symbols: 10 free spins

3 Trojan Horse Symbols: 15 free spins

4 Trojan Horse Symbols: 20 free spins

As usual when you trigger a free spins feature, they are played out using the same number of paylines and value of coins as the spin which resulted in the feature being activated, and while some are rather tight and don’t offer you the ability to re-trigger additional free spins, the Treasures of Troy slot machine does allow you.

An alternate set of symbols are used throughout the feature (such as the Trojan Horse facing the left with white columns behind rather than to the right with cream columns behind like in the base game) with buildings in the distance on fire indicating the war has begun and landing two or more of these Trojan Horse symbols on the third reel again will see your free spins counter topped up by the number of spins listed above with Helen announcing that ‘the Gods have extended your bonus’, with the feature ending once the counter reaches 0 or whenever you have played 130 spins for free.

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