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Monopoly Slot Machine

When you think of all the board games that you played as a child, I’ll bet one of the first ones that springs to mind is Monopoly.

Thanks to IGT, online slots players now can now attempt to dodge jail and avoid bankruptcy while developing a rich property portfolio by playing the Monopoly video slot which enables you to transform that fake Monopoly money into real cash!

A True Classic

While this original Monopoly slot is now often overlooked in preference of newer releases like Monopoly Dream Life, Monopoly Here and Now and Monopoly Multiplier, it’s still available to play at some leading UK online casinos.

Blink and you’ll miss the reels spinning as the symbols fall into place so fast on this 5-reeled, 9 payline slot. You better be careful not to go bankrupt as stakes go all the way up to £450 and you better have your dice rolling technique down to a tee as you’ll be rolling dice to navigate your way around the Monopoly board in the Pass “GO” Bonus which is your key to accumulating riches – although you’ll have to be really lucky to win enough to move into Mayfair!

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12,500 Coins Courtesy of Mr. Monopoly

Previously referred to as Rich Uncle Pennybags before being rebranded to be known as Mr. Monopoly, the age-old tuxedo-wearing character acts as your host in this free Monopoly slots game. He represents the Wild symbol with the ability to substitute for the two other special symbols (the Bonus symbol which triggers the Pass “GO” Bonus game and the Instant Bonus which triggers the Community Chest Instant Bonus that sees you win a cash prize based on your stake) and his appearance on a payline five times will see him throw 12,500 coins your way.

The Monopoly logo can also see you win up to 12,500 coins and it’s the only symbol that sees you win by landing one or two on a payline with 2 and 5 coins awarded respectively. You’ll secure up to 1,000 coins for taking the deeds of Piccadilly, up to 800 coins for Mayfair and up to 600 coins for Strand while any combination of deeds will see you claim up to 100 coins.

Finding triple bundles of Monopoly money will see up to 450 coins added to your balance, double bundles are worth up to 300 coins and single wads of notes are worth up to 150 coins while any combination of them see you get your hands on up to 45 coins.

You will scoop up to 200 coins for matching famous pieces (such as the car, dog or hat) and there is also a selection of fruits to sink your teeth into too with watermelons being worth up to 175 coins, munching on grapes sees you claim up to 150 coins, delicious oranges see you win up to 125 coins while strawberries see you feast on up to 75 coins.

Navigating Around the Board

Punters who enjoy playing the official board game will love the Pass “GO” Bonus which begins whenever you land three of the Bonus symbols on a single line. This sees you receive an instant win worth 10 coins before you get the opportunity to click on one of the triggering symbols to reveal the number of rolls you have been given to navigate around the board.

Some of the most famous positions from the board game feature with the ‘Free Parking’ sector seeing you win a random cash prize while the ‘Go to Jail’ sector seeing you get locked up behind bars with three chances to roll doubles being the only way to free yourself and make off with a wad of cash – with greater rewards on offer the sooner you can roll one as a 5x multiplier is applied if it’s during your first roll, a 3x multiplier for the second roll and a 2x multiplier for the third roll.

There is also the ‘GO Bonus’ sector that sees you double your deed awards for passing it once and the value tripled whenever you pass two or more times.

While you’d have first assumed the ‘Go to Jail’ sector would be the one to avoid at all costs, it’s actually the ‘Income Tax’, ‘Just Visiting’ and ‘Super Tax’ sectors that you should hope to dodge as these offer no rewards at all.

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