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Family Guy Slot Review

It’s off to Quahog we go in one of the most highly anticipated slots ever developed by IGT. Not only is Family Guy one of the funniest adult-themed cartoons, it is now one of the most fun online slots to play for real money boasting sensational bonus features that are sure to leave you pockets bursting!

Played across 5 reels and 30 paylines with a return to player percentage ranging between 92.50% and 96.05%, the theme tune rings out as you spin the reels and rather than having a static logo above the reels, IGT have been rather innovative by including each character with one of their famous quotes from the show - such as a frightened looking Chris who states ‘There’s an evil monkey in my closet’.

Go Wild with the Griffin’s

The bold Family Guy logo is the Wild symbol with five on a payline worth 500 coins and substituting for all others aside from the World Bonus – which is the Scatter. The family are all present with Peter, Lois, Brian, Stewie, Chris and Mega featured, plus instead of boring playing cards from online casino table games it’s Stewie’s gun, Rupert (his teddy bear), a TV and beer bottle that complete the line-up.

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Family Guy

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Allow Stewie to Decide Your Fate

That might sound menacing as we all know what an evil little sod Stewie is, but don’t worry you can’t lose with the World Bonus. This is triggered by landing a Scatter (World Bonus) symbol on the second, third and fourth reels during the same spin – with Stewie then spinning a globe to reveal one of following three bonus features.

Chicken Fight: Relive the classic scene of Peter fighting the Chicken as you select one of them as your fighter and watch them battle it out over three rounds. There are benefits for every round your selection wins with a 1x to 5x multiplier on offer plus you are granted up to 7 picks which sees you choose sacks that contain between 5x and 1000x your coin value which is multiplied with the multiplier – huge wins are guaranteed here!

Lois’ Hot Free Spins: This rewards you with ten free spins with the added perk of a meter filling up each time Peter’s Wild Heart symbols land on the fifth reel. In addition to this Quagmire landing on the third reel adds five spins to your counter (maximum of 30 allowed) ad each completed Lois on the meter sees the symbol turn Wild for the duration of free spins.

Drunken Clam: Based in the local drinking den, The Drunken Clam, you must select either Peter, Joe, Quagmire, or Cleveland to select beer taps with each one awarding a win of between 5x and 750x the coin value, plus as the other unselected characters collapse the multiplier is boosted up to a maximum of 5x.

Griffin Family Features

The Griffin’s might be a family you’d want to avoid in reality, but in the Family Guy slot machine they are welcome faces as they provide the opportunity of huge wins. There is no tricky combination of symbols needed here, instead it triggers completely at random on any spin which does not contain a bonus symbol on the second reel, with one of four possible family members popping up to reward you handsomely.

Peter: You could have to endure Peter casually strutting onto the reels and letting off a fart, with the gas revealing a win of between 200x and 5,000x the coin value – certainly making it worth the stench!

Lois: Lois also brings big benefits (no, not her assets!) as one to three of the family member symbols are indicated and then sees the majority of their values altered to provide big wins on your next spin with each of them that appears. Megan’s value is one, Chris’s increases from 10 to 75, Stewie’s increases from 20 to 150, Brian’s increases from 30 to 225, Lois’s increases from 40 to 300, and Peter’s increases from 100 to 1000 – never failing to boost your bankroll!

Stewie: If it’s Stewie with his laser gun you could enjoy up to three Wild symbols being revealed on a single reel, with the Wild substituting for all symbols aside from the Scatter.

Brian: Should Brian be the family member who pops up you could trigger the World Bonus is one or two of the symbols appear on the third or fourth reels.

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