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How to Win at Slots

Giving Yourself The Best Chance

If you thought crushing online slots was all about pumping every dollar in your bankroll into a randomly-chosen game, hitting Spin, and hoping for the best, think again.

However, if you think that this guide or any other guide will teach you how to guarantee winning at slots, then more fool you! There are things you can do to increase your chances of winning - but the casino ALWAYS wins in the long run.

Winning at slots takes time, consideration, and a little forward planning. You have to make sure you don't go on tilt (poker parlance for getting so fed up with losing you start gambling higher), get bored, or get addicted.

With so many thousands of online slots available, it's hard to know what's best in order to make a killing. But luckily, with a few helpful hints you'll be on your way to making a mint without breaking a sweat.

1 - Choose a Slot That's Right For You

How many slot machines does your local land-based casino have? 20? 30? 50? Perhaps you have to make do with what's on offer and put up with it.

With so much more choice online, it's hard to know what to play. You might waste a hundred pounds playing a game before you realise the RTP is awful or the bonus games suck.

Choosing the right slot is essential beforehand. First, pick a slot that you will enjoy playing. That means choosing a theme that's fun and interesting, and one that works for your aims. If you're after lots of small wins, pick a low-variance game. If it's big jackpots you're after, choose a game with a bit more action and high variance.

Decide beforehand how many paylines you want to play. A lot of paylines might mean lots of regular wins, but it also means a hefty outlay every time you hit 'Spin'.

Look for slots with generous bonus features too. You might not need to hunt out an all-singing, all-dancing slot with five bonus rounds and 10 free spins rounds. Sometimes, a simple 10-payline slot with one Free Spins round can reward much bigger wins than a slot with three bonus features and 25 paylines.

2 - Find the Top Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot slots are growing in number as more and more casinos appear online. The jackpots themselves are also growing.

Everyone's heard about the housewife from somewhere or other who's taken down a $5 million jackpot playing in her nightgown in the kitchen. Those stories are attractive to regular slots players and offer the chance of big prizes.

But do your research first: Some jackpots are triggered at random, others can only be activated by hitting some ludicrous payline (like five Wilds on the 15th payline), while many require you to bet the maximum stake each spin.

Also, check out our list of the top progressive jackpots online.

3 - Stick to a Staking Plan

Just like playing roulette, blackjack or poker, online slots require a sensible staking plan if you don't want to go broke.

Have a set slots bankroll and never bet too much per spin. It's no good having a £50 roll when the slot you've picked has minimum bets of £2 per spin.

Bet relating to your funds, and always cash out your winnings. Better still, set yourself a win limit where you cash out and load up with a set minimum every time. Then, withdraw the cash to your bank account and keep records. This way, you'll never lose track of what you're gambling with.

Similarly, if you go on a losing streak, set yourself a stop loss limit and rebuild - perhaps at a different slot altogether - all over again.

4 - Find the Best RTPs

Always check out the RTPs (Return to Player percentages) first as well. RTPs tell you how much, on average, a slot pays back to its players over the long-term. If it's in the low 90s you might want to steer clear; something in the high 90s is a good bet.

RTPs are usually listed on casino sites or in the paytable page of the slot itself. Make use of them and do your research.

5 - Get a Top Welcome Bonus

Every online casino boasts a juicy welcome bonus for new sign-ups. With just a simple deposit you can get your money matched, usually up to 100%. All you need to do is play enough slots within the first month or so of casino time to qualify.

Check the promotion Terms and Conditions first; some sites counts 100% of your online slots play towards a bonus, others vary.

To trigger the bonus cash, you'll have to wager a multiple of your deposit amount. For example, if you deposit £50 and the wagering requirement is 20x, you'll have to wager £1,000 of slots spins to earn the free cash.

While that can seem daunting, solid regular slots players can work their way through the bonus amount in no time.

6 - Trust Our Expert Reviews

So, you've picked a developer and a game you like, you know your betting, what bonus features you enjoy, and what your goals are. Where to find those elusive slots?

At, we have the best slots for UK players. You can try out dozens of games for free via our freeplay links, and sign up to any one of a dozen top casinos boasting hundreds of online games.

Make your slots journey that much smoother and try one of our recommended casinos today.

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