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Sirens Slots

While the majority of casino slot machines with a Greek mythology theme focus on the epic adventures of gods and goddesses, Sirens by High 5 Games sees beautiful sea creatures take centre stage.

For those of you unaware of the role sirens played in ancient Greek mythology, they were mythical sea creatures that transformed into beautiful women and sang songs by the shore with the sole intention of luring passing sailors towards them – with those who couldn’t resist their charms and giving in to temptation finding themselves shipwrecked before being feasted upon.

Sail the Seas

These sirens were the daughters of Achelous, the river god, and the Sirens video slot sees you take the role of a sailor, sailing the choppy seas while attempting to resist the seductive actions of three of the most famous sirens - Molpe, Thelxinoe, and Aglaophonos.

The trio of sirens can appear across 5 reels with 3 rows of symbols and you can play with up to 30 paylines active – meaning those of you who wish to sail the seas can do so from a low limit of 30p up to a maximum of £300 each time.

Just as the sirens use their vocals to lure you towards the shore, High 5 Games have included a variety of bonus features to lure you into playing Sirens with the inclusion of a powerful Wild symbol, Scatter wins worth up to 30,000 coins and there is also a Free Spins feature where you can receive up to 15 free spins and trigger a Multiplier Bonus to boost your winnings!

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Resisting the Lure of the Sirens

As you find yourself on a sailing ship in the middle of the sea, views of the shore can be seen in the distance as you hear the sirens sing songs to try and lure you towards them, however it’s important to remain strong and remember how many sailors before you have been lured to their deaths.

They beautiful sea creatures have caused countless shipwrecks over the years and you’ll find letters and numbers, which were bolted onto the ships to display their name, floating in the water with A, K and Q symbols seeing you claim up to 50 coins while J and 10 symbols are worth a maximum of 40 coins.

Spotting kestrels flying overhead to warn you of the dangers that lurk ahead will see you scoop up to 100 coins while rescuing a fellow sailor whose ship has sunk will see you rewarded with up to 150 coins for bringing him to safety.

The trio of sirens appear with appearances as beautiful as their voices and you’ll receive up to 250, 500 and 750 coins for resisting succumbing to their charms while there are two other special symbols to keep an eye out for.

This includes the Wild symbol, represented by the Sirens logo, which is worth a maximum of 2,500 coins. It can substitute for all but the Scatter symbol and if you manage to match five Scatters across the first line, you’ll scoop the jackpot prize of 30,000 coins!

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