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Renoir Riches Slot Machine

Famous for his distinctive oil paintings which boast bright colours and bold lines, Pierre-Auguste Renoir is considered one of the greatest painters to have ever lived and not many people can afford to own one of his works of art.

The Renoir Riches video slot sees you turn detective to track down a trio of his most famous paintings which have been stolen from an art collector with big rewards on offer for delivering them back in one piece – be careful though, the paintings are fragile considering they are hundreds of years old!

Big Price Tag

Renoir’s paintings vary in price whenever they spring up at auction but they have been known to sell for tens of millions of pounds and, while you won’t be expected to stump up quite so much, the price tag to spin the reels of Renoir Riches by High 5 Games is very costly – especially considering how you’re lending a helping hand to track down his famous artwork.

You see, the art collector believes that only the elite in society can pose as a buyer and track down the paintings so that they can be returned to him in one piece, therefore this 5-reeled slot with 3 rows of symbols and 99 paylines will cost you 99p up to a high limit of £990 – figures which will price many low stakes players out of helping.

Those of you with deep pockets who get to hunt for the distinctive paintings will be able to benefit from Wild symbols, Tumbling Reels and Free Games to assist you in your search.

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Renoir Riches

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Famous Examples of Impressionism

While Claude Monet and Alfred Sisley were also pioneers of the Impressionism movement, Renoir had a distinct style which will help make it easier for you to identify the original paintings that have been stolen.

To assist you, there are a trio of lettered clues to collect and piece together as your quest to retrieve the stolen paintings begins. These have been given a little bit of artistic flair as they have been designed to be gemstones bordered with gold and you’ll secure up to 100 coins for finding the A or K symbols while the Q symbols are worth up to 75 coins.

The most impressive views on the reels are the three famous paintings which Renoir is famous for with up to 300 coins on offer for locating By the Seashore, tracking down Young Girl in a Straw Hat will see you rewarded with up to 400 coins and finding the portrait of Charles from his famous Charles and Georges Durand Ruel painting will see you claim up to 1,000 coins.

The top prize comes from finding the amethyst jewels which appears in a golden frame with the games initials on top with up to 5,000 coins on offer for finding these and there is also a couple of special symbols to be aware of too – a Wild that appears on the middle three reels and a Free Games symbol that appears on the first three reels.

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