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Ravishing Beauties Slot Machine

Imagine receiving a letter alerting you to the fact that you’ve inherited a massive castle in Transylvania, Romania. Many of you would probably dismiss it as nonsense before ripping the letter up and throwing it in the bin, while the rest of you would find your curiosity piqued before trawling through your family tree to see what long-lost relative has left you their estate.

After acknowledging that the castle really is yours, you’ll find yourself jetting off to Romania brimming with excitement in anticipation of unlocking the door and exploring your new home. However, as the title of Ravishing Beauties by High 5 Games suggests, there is a very big catch!

The castle you’ve just taken ownership of is haunted by beautiful, yet terrifying, ghosts and spirits who you will have to slay if you want to live happily in it – just be careful not to fall for their seductive moves or you’ll find them sinking their fangs into you instead!

Reclaim Your Castle

Haunting sounds echo throughout the castle which are sure to send a shiver down your spine, however you’ll be accompanied by a fearless monster hunter who loves to battle against the undead so stand your ground and don’t run away in fear.

You’ll find yourself searching for the bloodthirsty beauties across 5 reels with up to 40 win lines active. As if there wasn’t enough at stake, as you battle the horde of ghouls to reclaim your castle and remain in one piece, those of you who wish to play for real money can do so from a low limit of 40p up to a maximum of £400 - perfect if you’re a high roller who is not easily spooked!

A variety of bonus features have also been incorporated into the Ravishing Beauties video slot to reward you for being brave enough to battle against the ghouls with Stacked Wilds and Stacked Symbols but it’s really all about the sensational Collect-2-Wild Bonus where you’ll sink your fangs into free spins!

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Ravishing Beauties

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Make the World a Safer Place

Your quest to reclaim your inherited castle and make the world a safer place begins with you picking up letters and numbers which provide clues as to how the bloodthirsty beauties can be slayed once and for all. These have been designed in a fabulous gothic style with the A and K symbols being worth up to 75 coins while coming across the Q, J or 5 symbols will see you scoop up to 40 coins.

On the loose around your castle are beautiful blonde werewolves which you’ll receive up to 150 coins for slaying, defeating Cleopatra’s ghost and Frankenstein’s bride see you rewarded with up to 200 coins while a maximum of 250 coins is on offer for overpowering the bloodthirsty vampires.

In addition to this, the monster hunter who helps you rid the castle of the dangerous an depraved women will present you with up to 500 coins for allowing him to accompany you and a crypt represents the Wild symbol, appearing on all but the first reel and possessing the usual substituting powers.

Sink Your Fangs into Free Games

While you’ll find it tough to resist the succulent lips of the ghouls, you’ll want to keep a safe distance from them or they’ll sink their fangs into you and make you undead just like them. However, you won’t want to avoid them completely as spotting three or more pairs of red lips on the reels at once will have you licking your lips in anticipation of ravishing rewards courtesy of the Collect-2-Wild Bonus.

These lips represent the Scatter symbol in this free Ravishing Beauties slots game with a trio of them appearing across the second, third and fourth reels seeing you secure 9 free spins.

A new reel set is used for this game feature which boasts additional symbols that can transform into extra Wilds with a hammer and stake, glasses of blood, and a silver bullet appearing only on the second reel, the All-Seeing Eye which slays the ghost of Cleopatra appears only on the third reel, a holy symbol can appear on the fourth reel while a spilt wine glass of blood, a vampire-locating machine and a moon pendant can appear on the fifth reel only.

Once these symbols are collected, they will transform into their Wild versions and remain in place as Stacked Wilds for the remainder of your spins with special combinations seeing you claim an additional 3 free spins.

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