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Love U Slot

Fellow nerds will be able to relate with the impossible task of making one of the beautiful girls at high school fall in love with you as they opt for the handsome and muscular guys instead of glasses-wearing bookworms, however the Love U video slot sees you join forces with Nigel, the biggest nerd of all, to create a potent love potion which will have them falling head over heels for him!

Bubbling sounds from beakers and flasks echo around the laboratory as you find yourself locked away with Nigel, who looks every inch the geek with his thick glasses, goofy smile and dodgy hair, to assist in cooking up the ultimate concoction that will finally see him strut around the high school with a beauty on his arm.

The effort Nigel has put in is clear to see with his clipboard detailing every step taken and the chalkboard, which displays the symbols on this 5-reeled slot, covered in formula’s that the bookworm knows off the top of his head. While you can play for free and cross your fingers for a peck on the cheek, those of you who wish to receive real cash in return for helping the nerd can participate in the experiment from a low limit of 50p up to £500 as there are 50 win lines in place.

Crafting a Potent Love Potion

As you help Nigel mix various ingredients to craft the most potent potion possible, you’ll be hoping to experience the full variety of bonus features that have been included to reward you for your time.

Wild symbols will capture your heart as they are worth up to 10,000 coins, five of the symbols on the pay table can appear in single, double and even triple format for incredible fifteen-of-a-kind winning combinations, plus Scatter symbols see you secure up to 4x your stake and can lead to an exciting Free Games feature which boasts a special Multiplier Collection feature that can see your winnings multiplied by up to 20x.

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Love U

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2022

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Parade Beauties Around the High School

Every time Nigel writes A, K, Q and J across the chalkboard you will be rewarded with up to 100 coins, however it’s the five symbols that can appear in single, double or triple format which are the most visually impressive on these reels.

Nigel the nerd leads the way as the joint-highest paying symbol on the pay table, joining the Wild symbol, that is represented by a heart, in delivering up to 10,000 coins your way.

Once you see the trio of beautiful girls who Nigel is lining up, it quickly becomes apparent that no matter how big his IQ or wallet is, a potion is the only way he will ever get them to fall in love with him before parading them around the high school. Bubbles appears bursting out of a yellow bikini, Fiona seductively bites her finger and Petra pouts with smouldering eyes and juicy lips with rewards of up to 4,000 coins on offer for capturing their hearts. The fifth and final symbol that can appear in three different formats is the beaker which holds the potent potion and you’ll get up to 3,000 coins for every batch you help him make.

Follow the Beautiful Scent of Flowers

Nigel is a crafty nerd who contaminates flowers with his powerful love potion before presenting them to the girls he desires and he will be putting his work to the test whenever you find four or more of them on the reels at once.

Four and five flowers (Scatter symbols) see you claim 7 and 15 free spins respectively in this free Love U slot machine with a different set of reels used for the feature. It sees the flowers removed to make it impossible for players to retrigger the feature, however a special collection symbol, represented by a green atom, is introduced as part of the Multiplier Collection feature.

These green atoms can appear a maximum of once on each of the five reels every spin and will be collected every time they show up. Once your free spins have finished, a multiplier bonus will be applied to your winnings which is determined by the number of green atoms that you collected.

Collecting up to 4 of them sees the multiplier remain at 1x, it doubles to 2x should you collect 5 to 9, 10 to 14 of them will see you receive a 3x multiplier, 5x is up on offer for collecting 15 to 19 of them, things get exciting when you collect 20 to 24 of them as your winnings are multiplied by 10x, however 25 or more of them will really have your heart racing as you enjoy an adrenaline pumping multiplier of 20x!

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