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Jazz Slots

If you’re a regular visitor to your local jazz club or somebody who has always fancied attending one, you’re going to love the Jazz video slot as it recreates the atmosphere of a smoky jazz club with a very glamorous female singer taking to the stage accompanied by her quartet of male band members who play the piano, guitar, trumpet and double-bass as she belts out the lyrics.

Jazz is certainly an acquired taste with the music genre originating from African-American communities based in New Orleans towards the end of the 19th century before gaining more prominence as the years progressed with countless jazz clubs springing up and it being credited for influencing many modern styles of music. Saying that, I have no doubt that you’ll be a big fan of the genre after playing Jazz by High 5 Games as the band that take to the stage promise an incredible performance.

Take Your Seat

You’ll struggle not to tap your foot and nod your head as a catchy jazz tune loudly rings out on every spin as the stage is set across 5 reels and 4 rows of symbols with a staggering 178 paylines in place to provide plenty of winning opportunities. While you can opt to play for free below with no download required, those of you who want comfy seats in the jazz club can enter from a low limit of 35p up to a maximum of £350 which should guarantee you front-row seats.

The reported return-to-player percentage of 95% promises that you’ll get your money’s worth and it’s clear to see how when you look at the pay table and view the bonus features that High 5 Games have packed into it with Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, plus Wild Connections and Free Games features ensuring you have plenty to sing and dance about!

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Fantastic Five-Piece Band

As the velvet curtains are drawn back and the strobe lights shine down on stage, you can’t fail to be impressed with the five-piece band who get ready to showcase their talents, however there are a few symbols to discuss before talking about the band members.

A funky Wild symbol, designed in the style of piano keys, is worth the top prize with rewards of up to 300 coins on offer for lining them up. Despite the theme offering so many opportunities to avoid them, playing card symbols also appear with Aces and Kings being worth up to 40 coins while Queens, Jacks and 5’s are worth a maximum of 30 coins.

The stunning female singer who holds the vintage microphone close to her soft red lips and the dapper trumpet player with a diamond stud in his ear both appear to deliver up to 150 coins your way while the piano player who is a picture of concentration, the hat-wearing guitarist who is strumming away and the double-bass player who is wearing sunglasses in true jazz style are worth a maximum of 100 coins.

Wild Times in the Club

As you drink the night away and get entertained by the jazz band on stage, you’ll be hoping to trigger the two exciting bonus features that have been included in this free Jazz slot machine – the Wild Connections and Free Games features.

Arrows are key to triggering the Wild Connections feature with arrows that face to the right appearing on the second reel while arrows facing to the left appear on the fourth reel. Whenever these make an appearance on a played or unplayed line, both symbols will transform into Wild symbols with all symbols along the line between the position the two arrows landed being turned Wild too which should have you singing from the rooftop.

A vinyl record acts as the Scatter symbol and you’ll need one to appear on the first, second and third reels at the same time if you want to spin the reels for free. This Free Games feature sees you randomly receive 7, 9 or 11 spins upon triggering the feature, however it’s not possible to retrigger the feature and your winnings aren’t multiplied which certainly won’t be crowd pleasing facts.

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