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Golden Knight Slot

The Golden Knight video slot by High 5 Games transports us back to the Middle Ages for an epic medieval quest where you’ll do battle against other knights to prove you have the skills to successfully locate and slay the ferocious fire-breathing dragon who has captured the King’s beautiful daughter.

Your quest to become a chivalrous hero begins by taking on fellow knights in a tournament of champions as the King watches on. Showcasing your jousting and sword-wielding abilities will lead you to a path of victory that will see you crowned the Golden Knight – a title which means you’ve become the King’s chosen one and the fate of his daughter lies solely in your hands.

A High Stakes Battle

It’s a life or death situation for the Princess and your destiny could change forever if you prove successful in the high stakes battle against the dragon as you’ll win her affection and could ultimately find yourself claiming the new title of Prince as you’re welcomed into the family.

All the action takes place across 5 reels with 4 rows of symbols on each and there are 40 adjustable paylines in place. While the sound effects that accompany the reels spinning are most disappointing, this is an online slot which springs to life whenever you land winning combinations as a rather grand medieval tune echoes out accompanied by simple, yet effective, animations.

While you can play for a minimum of 40p, you can activate a Scatter Bucks feature which sees your stake double, and considering there is a high limit of £800 per spin, this certainly makes it a high stakes battle.

In addition to this, there are other bonus features like Wild symbols and a free games feature to assist in you proving victorious!

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Golden Knight

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Achieving Hero Status

After being put to the test and defeating fellow knights to show that you are reliable, your quest to save the day, win the heart of the Princess and be recognised as a hero will begin with you exiting the King’s lavish castle on your trusty steed and navigating your way to the dragon’s lair where the beauty is being held captive.

Playing card symbols that have been designed with a medieval twist appear on the reels to point you in the right direction as you attempt to locate the dragons lair and you’ll not be surprised to learn that these are worth the least of all as the A and K symbols see you secure a maximum of 150 coins while the Q, J, 10 and 9 symbols offer a top payout of 100 coins.

There are up to 250 coins are on offer for spotting your lightning-fast white steed and the fire-breathing dragon who you’ll be hoping to slay, you’ll scoop up to 400 coins for freeing the beautiful Princess and proving victorious, however the biggest rewards of all come from one of the two special symbols that feature on the pay table.

In addition to substituting for all symbols aside from the Free Games Scatter symbol, the Wild symbol (which is represented by a red and blue shield) sees you secure the princely sum of up to 1,000 coins.

Activate Scatter Bucks for Big Rewards

Paying double your stake to activate the Scatter Bucks feature certainly ups the ante while playing this free Golden Knight slots game, but it so often proves to be well worth the cost.

The Wild symbols play a major role in this feature as they can appear as normal Wilds or with a credit value published on them instead, with the values dependant on the reel that they land.

Wilds with a credit value are always worth a minimum of 25 credits but are worth a maximum of 100 credits if they appear on the first or second reels, up to 2,000 credits if they appear on the third reel, a maximum of 1,000 credits if they appear on the fourth reel, while those that appear on the fifth reel can be worth a maximum of 10,000 credits which should have you roaring in victory as if you’ve just slayed the dragon!

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