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Fremantle Robocop Slot

The avid Robocop fans amongst you will know that he was given three primary directives – to serve the public trust, protect the innocent, and to uphold the law but the only mission here is spin the reels and win as much cash as you can!

Based on the classic film released in 1987 which was directed by Paul Verhoeven, Robocop told the story of Alex Murphy a Detroit, Michigan police officer who was mortally wounded in the line of duty before being converted into a powerful cyborg named Robocop by OCP (Omni Consumer Products) to battle the villains in the crime ridden Delta City.

The Robocop slot machine from Fremantle consists of 5 reels and 20 paylines with limits for all bankroll sizes as coin values range from 1p to £25 meaning that you can spin the reels from as little as 20p up to £500. It’s the two bonus features that the biggest rewards come from though with the Delta City Jackpot and sensational Assault on OCP which has four different levels – can you blast the villains away and walk away with a big reward?

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Super Sounds but Uninspiring Symbols

Fremantle are renowned for developing slots with unique sounds rather than using a standard sound library like many other slots developers (with Novomatic slot machines being a prime example of this), and fans of the film will instantly be immersed as the sounds of police sirens and gunfire ring out in Delta City to set you in the heart of the action.

While the design of the reels is also superb with Robocop situated to the right of the metallic-designed reels in a comic style with Delta City in the background, the various symbols that feature are actually very disappointing – designed in a pretty standard manner rather than the detail we have come to expect from Fremantle. Of course, it’s all about their values though and they certainly don’t disappoint in this regard.

The standard Wild is of three targets and this can substitute for all but the Scatter symbol but there is also a Prime Directive Wild symbol that can land on the third reel and has the same substituting capabilities but can see additional Wilds added to the reels and wins on the line multiplied by 2x. The Scatter is the OCP logo (Omni Consumer Products), and there is a silhouette of Delta City too. The rest of the symbols see Robocop as the most valuable symbol of all with five on a payline worth 750x with his female partner, the ED209 robot, the Robocop logo, a handgun, police car and the standard Ace to Jack symbols complete the line-up.

Robocop to the Rescue

Prepare yourself to be a hero and walk away with a boatload of cash as a reward in the Assault on OCP bonus game when you land three or more Scatter symbols on the reels. Here you relive classic moments from the film across four different levels with prizes increasing the further you progress but should your energy meter dip to critical your progress halts and you are returned to the base game with your winnings to that point.

Level 1: Set in the Warehouse District you must shoot the villains to win cash, but each time they hit you your energy meter decreases.

Level 2: Here we have a hostage situation as a villain holds on to a girl as a shield with your task being to shoot him for more cash and to progress but not hit the innocent girl!

Level 3: It’s time for Robocop v ED209 in a battle of the robots with your progress dependant on successfully defeating the foe.

Level 4: The final level sees you battle against the top brass of OCP, Dick Jones, with a final victory seeing you land the jackpot!

Jackpot Time in Delta City

Throughout gameplay you’ll notice the jackpot counter that is situated above the reels and while it’s not the biggest of slots jackpots the counter increases each time you land one of the grid view Scatter symbols on the reels, but should you land five of the Delta City symbols on a payline you’ll receive the full jackpot value!

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