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Quick Bet Bagatelle

A popular twist on traditional roulette, Quick Bet Bagatelle combines a standard roulette wheel with pinball launcher to give a fun game with odds you have already come to recognise from standard roulette games.

Quick Bet Bagatelle can be found on William Hill Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, as well as some independent betting shops. The closest match to an online game is Pinball Roulette, which although having a more extreme gamble option, does hold pretty much true to its FOBT counterpart.

Quick Bet Bagatelle Betting Options

Quick Bet Bagatelle uses the same betting layout as a standard European roulette wheel, with all of the red and black numbers the colours you would expect, so there is no particular learning curve when it comes to this roulette game. The only difference here is the way the ball launches and then proceeds to find a number.

Once you have selected your numbers, pressing bet will launch the ball, you will then see the roulette wheel scroll along the bottom of the screen with about 50% of the number been visible at any time. The ball will then work its way through a scattering of pins, working its way down from the top of the screen to the numbers below.

If you bet on sections of the table you may be able to tell where your ball will land before it has worked its way down, however the ball does travel at different speeds at different times, so the prediction element is not as obvious as other William Hill betting games such as 20p Roulette where the ball stops directly opposite its starting position, so in that respect, you may enjoy this game more.

At the completion of the main game, should there be a winning bet you will be given the option to gamble your winnings.

This additional bet is very poor value and I would always advise collecting your winnings and use it on the main roulette game if you want to spend it again, but the option is there nonetheless.

The Quick Bet Bagatelle gamble uses the same principle as the main game mentioned above, this time however the scrolling numbers have been replaced by multipliers, offering the chance to double, triple, half, even money or lose your entire bet.

You can bet multiple times should you win or lose half of your stake, up to the individual prize limit of £500.

Quick Bet Bagatelle makes for a welcome addition to the FOBT roulette games, giving players less predictable outcomes, with slightly more anticipation due to the way the ball falls.

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