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Play FOBT Games & Slots Online

You can now play FOBT online for different stakes, higher percentages and larger jackpots in many British online casinos.

There is no need to play FOBT games in bookies as many of your favourite slots and roulette games are available straight on your mobile, tablet or computer.

The most popular slots often start as online games first, then get down-graded to lower jackpots and lower percentages.

Games such as Rainbow Riches, Goddess of the Amazon and countless versions of roulette can all be played without having to deal with people watching over your shoulder if you don’t want them to.

At the moment, the large majority of FOBT slots and roulette games are available online, however there are a few differences, most of which are positive.

Playing FOBT Online Differences

This is the list of differences to playing FOBT online. Most are positive, although there are a few exceptions.

Larger Jackpot: Your jackpot wins are no longer confined to £500. Playing FOBT online has standard jackpot wins of often up to £100,000 with similar stakes to the bookies, and that’s not including the progressive jackpots.

Progressive Jackpots: High progressive values on Rainbow Riches are one thing, but online you can win a million pounds or more on slots such as Genie Jackpots. These values will truly change your life, and not just make your day.

Higher Percentages: Slot machine percentages online are always higher than in bookies, and are often between 95% and 98%. This makes a considerable difference in long term game play, and will result in more wins and more features.

The percentages also do not change according to the value of your stake, which they do on FOBT’s. For example, you can play 20p a spin, or £4 a spin online and the percentage will remain the same, but of course the value of the wins will increase considerably depending on your chosen stake.

In the bookies, if you play on a lower stake, you will have a lower percentages, usually 90%.

Different Stakes: FOBT slots and roulette in bookies have stakes from 20p up to £2, with roulette often having a minimum cost per spin of £5.

FOBT online have stakes from as low as 1p, both on slots and on roulette. You can play roulette for 1p per spin at Sky Vegas, which although the returns will not be very high, does offer a great chance to try out any systems of playing methods.

For those who prefer larger stakes, high limit roulette offers games up to £5000 straight up, and £100,000 per spin. Slot stakes also go up to several thousands of pounds per spin, which means if the lowest value winning spins could return £50,000 or more.

Gambling: This is where FOBT games have the advantage; it is very rare to find an online slot which offers the chance to gamble your win. Most players however don’t gamble their winnings anyway, so there is no real lose.

In summary, playing FOBT online at reputable casinos is a far better choice to allow your money to go further, and to win larger sums of money.

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