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Deal or No Deal Double Up

Deal or No Deal Double Up is a £100 jackpot fruit machine from Bell Fruit, currently found in UK pubs and some amusement arcades.

Deal or No Deal Double Up features three progressive cashpots, a choice of stakes; 25p, 50p and £1, a double Deal or No Deal feature game board plus thirteen progressive features.

Feature entry is obtained via landing three phones in view, completing the DoND Double Up trail, landing a cash win or been awarded a bonus from completion of the fruit matrix.

Once on the feature board, the usual series of cash, features, streaks and bonus upgrades are available, however the real prize comes from the Deal or No Deal bonus game.

Deal or No Deal Double Up uses the same playing style as Happy Hour and the Big One, so players familiar with those fruit machines will be on familiar ground with Double Up.

The biggest let down with this £100 jackpot fruit machine is the boxes are not random, and so they tend to follow a progressive nature whereby the more money put in, the higher the box value becomes.

This is not always the case however, and the elimination of the boxes certainly appears to be random, so you may have a situation where you know you have £4 in your box, but be left with £4 and £100.

This type of situation will often award around £45 which you may want to consider collecting if it puts you in a profit.

Deal or No Deal Double Up can be an expensive game when it comes to playing for the jackpot or a full cashpot, however the £100 does repeat and so can often be a profitable experience when playing for the biggest prize.

Deal or No Deal Double Up Tips

It is best to play on 50p stake, however also play to the highest cashpot value.

Red reels indicate that the fruit machine is ready to open the Deal or No Deal bonus game, however it still may be very costly, and can go a long time of awarding very low values, or holding out for a feature entry.

As mentioned previously, the £100 jackpot is happy to repeat, but it can be very costly to win the jackpot or cashpot, so bare that in mind if you fancy forcing the machine for the big prize.

There is a Deal or Bust button which can be pressed either at the very start of the feature, or by landing on the mystery where the usual outcome is ‘lose’.

As the name suggests, you’ll either be awarded a Deal or No Deal game, or nothing (game over). This mystery type bonus is progressive, and if a large Deal or Bust has just been awarded, it is unlikely you’ll be awarded another game for some time.

All in all Deal or No Deal Double Up is an enjoyable game, and as £100 jackpot fruit machines go, this isn’t anywhere near the worst.

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