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Deal or No Deal Best Offer

Deal or No Deal Best Offer is the £100 jackpot fruit machine from Bell Fruit not available online, using the tried and tested Deal or No Deal bonus game, as well as a few enhancements from earlier versions of similar fruit machines.

The main super board uses a double Deal or No Deal feature board with fixed cash values, the highest of which are £50 and £100. As there are two game boards active at the same time, you will be able to predict the value of the box reasonably early on.

The reel wins are interesting in that the values jump from £15 up to £100, with no winning symbols in-between. The cash ladder during the game however does have progressive values with £35, £50 and £100.

Deal or No Deal Best Offer: differences and similarities with others

The feature game board bares similarities to Red Mist, the popular £70 jackpot fruit machine, with an inner and outer zone. The inner zone cannot lose, however it can move back out then lose.

Each of the zones have spin and nudge bonus position to help activate the Deal or No Deal game, there are also multiple shot squares which award a value on three levels.

The top shot level has the highest value of Mega Streak which is able to pay up to £200.

As well as the standard feature game play, there is also the opportunity to collect your winnings on the mystery square, or use the Cash or Bust button for a chance of a high win, medium win or nothing.

The Deal or No Deal Best Offer fruit machine was released in November 2014 by Bell Fruit Gaming and can be found in pubs and amusement arcades in the U.K. with stake options of 25p, 50p and £1 per spin.

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