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FOBT Cheats & Tips

FOBT’s are Fixed Odds Betting Terminals and are found in all betting shops. The main suppliers are SG-Gaming who provide FOBT’s to Ladbrokes and Coral, and Inspired Gaming who supply their betting terminals to Betfred, Paddy Power, William Hill and most independent betting shops.

The content on the betting terminals is often very similar, however both companies have exclusive contracts with different slot and roulette manufacturers.

SG-Gaming feature slots by slot machine giants IGT and WMS, both of these companies are huge brands, especially in America and online.

Lately many IGT and WMS slots are been converted to £500 jackpot versions for the FOBT machines, with slots such as Wizard of Oz and Zeus already big hits in online casinos, with Ladbrokes Casino hosting a lot of the more popular one.

Inspired also have many of their top slots featuring both online and as £500 jackpot machines; Sky Vegas tend to host a lot of their games.

FOBT Cheats

So are there any FOBT cheats? You’ll always hear rumours and stories from people in the bookies who tell you ‘zero used to come in a lot before they fixed it’, or ’17 is due after 5’ and other such nonsense.

It is usually the ones with little to no money that tell you these things as they watch other people play. For the most part they should be ignored, but there are occasionally FOBT cheats, however once discovered they are usually corrected straight away.

Updates happen during the night when the machines are idle, with new software or games added via an Internet connection.

Lately all of the new £70 jackpot machines in the pub category are installed flat, as in they will not pay out until they have taken some money.

This is different as to how they used to work, with new fixed percentage slot machines been installed with life in them to encourage play.

The turnaround was due to groups of people who would target the FOBT’s in the days that followed the updates, this prevented regulars from winning, with all of the profit going to just a handful of people.

Other cheats come and go, such as not needing to bet on certain positions on some roulette games for it to pay a win, or manipulating the Internet connection to disrupt or encourage certain outcomes.

Roulette Machine Tips

The ‘hot’, ‘cold’ and hits since last spin i.e. zero last hit 189 spins ago are there to encourage play, not to assist you in winning.

Each spin is random and each number has an equal chance of coming in with every press, with each number having a 37/1 chance of coming in (slightly higher if you play the bonus roulette games), it is possible to go through many hundreds of spins without a single hit.

The best tip here is to play your favourite numbers and ignore the game’s history.

The slot machines for the most part are random, however there are a few exceptions whereby the slot will run on a fixed percentage. Generally speaking, the none-random slots are in the Pub category, however £500 slots by Project Coin are also on a fixed percentage.

None of this information is hidden, just click the help or info tab on each game to see its settings and percentage.

FOBT Slots Fortune Spins and Mega Spins

The Mega Spins and Fortune Spins are an attempt by the manufacturers to get around the maximum price of play. These spins cost between £10 and £50 with the most common at £20.

When playing at these stakes you will be given additional incentives such as a minor increase in percentage; usually to 94% as well as sticky wilds, win multipliers or bonus spins for more feature chances.

I wouldn’t recommend any slots on these higher spins, not only will they plough through your money a lot faster than a regular spin, but the jackpot remains the same at £500.

If you played a slot online at £20 for 5 spins, not only would you get a higher percentage, but the jackpot would be in the tens of thousands of pounds.

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