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Colossal Reels

'Colossal Reels' is a special slots feature usually associated with developer, Williams Interactive (WMS).

Colossal Reels features two sets of reels on the same game-screen: a small set of reels played over three rows - like a conventional video slot - plus a second, five-reel set with 12 rows.

With so many reels in play at the same time, players can gamble across 100 paylines and have the chance to hit huge wins.

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  • Play 100 paylines at once
  • Plenty of bonus features like Stacked Symbols and Transferring Wilds
  • Work off a welcome bonus while enjoying big-money slots

What are Colossal Reels?

Originally conjured up by the brains at US slots manufacturer, WMS, Colossal Reels started out as a feature on land-based games.

Since then, online versions of Colossal Reels slots have started appearing at some of the bigger online casinos.

With the Colossal Reels engine, two sets of reels are played on - a Main Reel Set with four rows and five reels - and a massive 'Colossal Reel Set, with 12 rows and five reels. In total, 100 paylines are gambled on each and every spin.

Features of Colossal Reels:

  • Up to 100 paylines from as little as £0.01 a coin
  • Stacked symbols on all reels
  • Play on two sets of reels at once
  • 'Transferring Wilds', which replicate from one set of reels to the other

Using Transferring Wilds

The benefit of having stacked icons means players can regularly bag lots of small wins. However, it's the presence of 'Transferring Wilds' that makes things a little more exciting.

Many slots feature Wild symbols - special icons that substitute for all regular icons on the reel to help complete winning paylines. Some slots feature 'Stacked' Wilds, which can fill two or three spaces on a reel.

Stacked Wilds feature on the small set of reels in a Colossal Reels slot. If that happens, however, the Wild transfers begin. The reel that is Wild will 'transfer' to the corresponding reel on the big set of reels. Obviously, then, with 12 rows on the big reels you're looking at 12 Wilds filling up an entire reel.

Finding Colossal Reels Slots

So far, WMS's trademarked Colossal Reels feature means you won't be finding too many other developers who have the same layout. Luckily, WMS make some pretty mean slots, so you can try out some of our free-play versions to see which theme takes you.

Epic Monopoly II (WMS)

WMS has been putting out slots based on the popular board game, Monopoly, for years. However, Epic Monopoly II takes the Transferring Wilds feature and ramps everything up to 11.

If the player hits four Stacked Wilds on the main reels, Wild transfers will start, turning the ENTIRE corresponding mini-set reel Wild (e.g. Reel 1 of the main set has four Stacked Wilds - the whole of Reel 1 on the mini-set then turns Wild). That can mean 12 symbols turning Wild at once on the second set of reels.

Queen of the Wild II (WMS)

WMS's new slot, part of the 'Innovation Series', also features two sets of reels. Four Stacked Wilds again transfer over to the big reels.

However, there's an added twist with Free Spins Scatters appearing on Reels 1, 3 and 5 of both sets of reels. Any wins hit on the 5 x 12 set of reels are multiplied by 2. With spins retriggered, it means players could be looking at a total of 100 free spins.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Colossal Reels

Having 100 paylines, and Transferring Wilds, sounds like the stuff of big gamblers. But does playing Colossal Reels slots make sense?

Certainly, with two ways to win - the Main Reel Set and the Colossal Reel Set - plus the added bonus of Transferring Wilds, there seems to be ready money for the taking.

However, to really take advantage you need to be playing at least 60 of those 100 paylines to have any effect. With many symbols stacked (and super-stacked on the Colossal Reel Set) you're gambling on hitting lots of very specific combinations regularly. Many of the Colossal Reels slots also have an RTP% of around 95% too, which comes in a lot lower than other volatile slots.

Colossal Reels are great if you are willing to bet all 100 paylines and have the bankroll to handle some big swings. But even with Transferring Wilds you're not guaranteed to hit it big. Give some of WMS's slots a try for free at and see for yourself.

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