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Coin Bets

Every real-money online slot requires a stake - that much is obvious. But how much do you wager, and how are the bets made? Here, we take a closer look at Coin Bets and explore how they work.

Developers make coin betting as simple as possible. You can bet small, bet the maximum amount, or play fixed-payline slots that limit how much - or little - you're allowed to gamble.

What Are Coin Bets?

Coin bets are the amounts you bet on each payline in an online slot. Most modern slots let you select the number of paylines, the number of coins, AND the size of the coins themselves. That makes online slots perfect for players of all budgets.

The coin size is important as you know your risk on every spin, and also the potential payouts.

Typically, winning combinations will pay out a multiple of each coin size, or total coin bet. For example, if you bet £1 per coin, and hit a jackpot of five Wilds that pays out 10,000 coins, you win £10,000.

Choosing Your Coin Stakes

So, how do you get started with selecting coins? Let's take a look at some common features you'll find at a modern online slot.

Picking Paylines: First, decide how many paylines you're betting on. If the slot allows adjustable lines (i.e. it's not a fixed-paylines game) you can increase the paylines from 1 to the maximum available. You will bet one coin for every payline you're betting on.

Essentially, you're placing a range of bets to cover your options. Most coin bets will therefore lose. The goal is to make sure your winning bets cover the ones that win nothing.

Coin Size/Coin Value: Next, you'll need to select the value of the coin you're betting with. Typically, slots start at £0.01 as the lowest coin value. Flick through the + and - symbols and you'll see how they progress. A common range might go £0.01, £0.02, £0.05, £0.10, £0.20, £0.50, £1, and £2.

As you increase the coin value, you'll notice the 'Total Bet' value going up. If your maths isn't that hot, it'll work out how much a spin is going to cost.

Number of Coins/Bet Level: You've picked a value for your coins, and the number of paylines - now you have to pick the NUMBER OF COINS on each spin.

Essentially, this is like increasing the number of bets you're placing on your spins. Some slots feature 'Coin Numbers', while others - like NetEnt - call them 'Bet Levels'.

Max. Bet: If you're not too worried about going through your coin sizes with a fine toothcomb, you can just hit the 'Bet Max' button and the slot will automatically select all paylines and the highest coin value and number of coins possible.

Coin Bets in Action: Let's take a classic slot as an example: NetEnt's Starburst.

It's a popular game, available at every good NetEnt-powered online casino.

  • No. of Paylines: 10
  • Coin Sizes: £0.01-£1.00
  • Bet Levels: 10
  • Maximum Bet Per Spin: £100

Starburst features a common range of coin values - £0.01, £0.02, up to £1.00 - and allows 10 coins per spin. With a maximum 10 paylines available - not a huge amount in modern online video slots - you can bet a maximum of £100 per spin.

So, what should you select? Ultimately it depends upon your budget. But it's also worth checking the paytables for jackpots and any bonus features that might swing your decision.

Reading the Paytable

Every online slot has a paytable which describes the bonus features and shows the various paylines. It also lists the jackpots associated with each symbol.

Some slots will display jackpots in coins. For example, if a jackpot for hitting five Wilds is '10,000', it means you'll win 10,000 x the value of your set coin.

Alternatively, slots may list payouts in "real money", depending on what your coin bets are set at. As you increase or decrease the coin bet, the paytable will change in real time.

Let's go back to Starburst for a moment. Looking at the paytable, we notice that the game features 'Starburst Wilds' - special Wilds that expand down Reels 2, 3 and 4 to help form winning combinations. If they land you'll also win a free re-spin. A free respin sounds like good news if you're committing lots of cash per spin.

On the next screen we look at the paytable, the values of individual combinations. The maximum jackpot in the game is 250 coins - awarded for five BAR icons on a payline. That makes the game quite low-volatility, i.e. a slot that awards lots of small, regular wins but won't make you a millionaire. You can adjust your coins accordingly now, perhaps upping your stakes to bag a few regular wins.

Indeed, the slot proudly boasts a jackpot of 50,000 coins - achieved in the game's lucrative Wild bonus. So, at coin bets of £1, you can potentially win £50,000 - not bad at all.

On the game's info page, you can also see the RTP (Return to Player percentage) is 96.1%. That means that over the long-term, the game pays back £96.10 for every £100 wagered. That's not too bad a return for players not wanting a huge risk.

Fixed Lines Slots

  • Fixed Paylines: Many online slots let you alter the number of paylines you're betting each spin. Some keep the paylines fixed; that is, you bet on ALL AVAILABLE paylines every time.
  • Multi-Payline Slots: Online slots which offer hundreds of paylines will usually be played with a 'total stake' spread across all paylines. This ensures every wallet is catered for, and no-one is left out. Typically, you might bet 30 coins across 243 or 520 paylines, and payouts are divided accordingly.

Microgaming's The Dark Knight online slot has 243 fixed paylines, and just three coin sizes: £0.01, £0.02, or £0.05. You can then ramp the action up to 5 coins (£0.05-£0.25). However, to spread costs, the maximum bet is set at just £7.50 per spin.

Accessing the Best Progressives

Adjusting coin bets lets players of all budgets enjoy real-money action. You can bet at £0.01 per coin and just one payline for a fun session, or ramp up the coin size to the max, up the betting levels/no. of coins to the biggest available, and select all paylines.

But for some progressive jackpot slots, hitting the maximum coin bet is the ONLY way to access the biggest prizes. By selecting the biggest coin bets, you can trigger special bonus rounds that give you a chance to win life-changing jackpots. Take a shot today and see where your coins will take you.

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