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Caramel Dice Slot Machine

Hear the words Caramel Dice and you're conjuring images of melt-in-the-mouth sweets, or sticky sauces for toffee puddings or even a colour palate of browns and toffees and butterscotches. Unfortunately, the reality doesn't fulfil these delightful promises.

You'd imagine at least a background of something caramel-related, but EGT seemed to have plucked a name for this online slot from the air without really following through on a theme.

This disappointment then feeds into your experience of the game and you notice the simple play structure, the lack of any great Bonus Features and the fairly tired, classic format. There is hope, though. This is an EGT slot, known for their Progressive Jackpots. Surely that's the big draw?

Read on to find out if this EGT video slot turns out to be more than its first impressions.

Best Played on Smartphone or Tablet

Caramel Dice can be found on many of the big online casino and video slots sites including EGT's own. It's available for instant play with no download requirements and, if you search for the right site, you don't have to have an account to access it. You can play for free or for real money.

Caramel Dice can be played on a desktop, but, for me it's so much better on a smartphone (Android/ IOS both compatible). The touchscreen controls and settings are well-adapted and it even has the additional function of being able to adjust the number of paylines you play with - a function which is oddly unavailable on the desktop version.

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Caramel Dice

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Win A Fixed Jackpot Of 30,000 Coins

Caramel Dice is a 5x3-reel video slot with up to 30 paylines to bet on. As mentioned, you can adjust your paylines on smartphone and tablet to change the bet size you make. So, for smartphone or tablet the bet range is much wider starting at one coin for one payline and up to 150 coins if you're betting on 30 paylines.

On desktop paylines are fixed and the bet range is limited to five bets increasing by 30 each time (from 30 to 150).

You're presented with five reels of three dice. Different colours represent different numbers one through six and there are three additional white dice representing seven, eight and nine. Each of these symbols payout for combinations of a kind. Playing on maximum bet if you achieve 5OAK of each number you can expect a payout of between 100 and 500.

Wilds are a white die with green 'hieroglyph' and they substitute all other numbers, but not the Scatters. They will also bag you a 5000 coin payout if you get 5OAK.

Scatters are a red die with a white 'hieroglyph'. They're pretty hard to come by, but, if you're lucky enough to score 5OAK you'll win the biggest fixed payout going of 30,000 coins.

What, No Bonuses In This Game?

This is the part where we tell you all about the fantastic Free Spins, Multipliers and Bonus Games that the Scatters trigger. Except, there aren't any - not a sniff of an extra spin in sight!

EGT cite their 'Gamble' function as an opportunity to double up. If you win less than 5,250 then you can select to gamble it on Red/ Black for a double-or-nothing chance.

Well, yes, there are four progressive jackpots which tick upwards and can be randomly triggered at any moment, but following through with this low-variance game even these jackpots never seem to reach those staggering heights.

Or do they?

The progressive jackpots appear to be localised to each site. If you're playing on a desktop you can hover your cursor over each jackpot and you'll see a drop-down menu displaying the statistics of recent and highest winners on that particular site. The highest payouts at each casino vary massively.

Now, we are all told and we all know that jackpot payouts are triggered randomly, but there are many gamers who have a 'strategy' that can include hunting out the lower-end prizes waiting for the 'big' win that's about to drop. If that's your gameplan then looking at the 'Jackpot Payouts' stats might well interest you.

Caramel Dice Conclusion

Amidst an overcrowded market Caramel Dice struggles to stand out. It's a low variance, retro feel classic, which is fine, because every gamer's style should be catered for. However, this one has little to recommend itself. Without the variation that Bonus Features offer and without the draw of big wins, then the lack of a theme and the tired graphics seem so much less forgivable.

The one glimmer of hope I can offer for this game is that it is best played for mobile. The settings are more versatile and, as progressive jackpots appear to be localised, the payouts when playing on mobile can get much higher because fewer people are competing for them.

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