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Gypsy Luck Slots

Cayetano Gaming is fast making itself known on the European online casino stage. First making their mark on the famous Irish gambling site Paddy Power, Cayetano Gaming is fast moving from its humble Celtic origins and on to the entire European continent.

The cause of this rise can be attributed to the kind of games that Cayetano Gaming puts out on a regular basis, which deliver exactly what gamblers ask for. So then, as you probably guessed, Gypsy Luck continues every trend that made Cayetano Gaming so famous in the first place.

Veering away from the norm and offering 1,440 ways to win and a distinctive 3-4-5-4-3 reel format, this game immediately manages to distinguish itself just by appearance alone. That being said; does the gameplay of the Gypsy Luck video slot hold up as well? The following review explains all!

Packed with Mystery and Magic

Unlike many of Cayetano Gaming's other online slots titles, Gypsy Luck makes ample use of 3D animations. For those of you familiar with gypsies, a common trope is that they possess some degree of connection with the mystic and magical.

As you'd expect, the symbols reflect many of the things that they are known for - suns and moons, a love potion, the all-knowing eye, and the gypsy herself. Also included are the standard playing cards, with a bit of a gypsy spin. Keep an eye out for the crystal ball, because it will aid you in activating those sweet bonus features.

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Gypsy Luck

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

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A Couple of Coins to Kick Things Off

The advertised 1,440 ways to win means that you're pretty much guaranteed to get something with every spin in Gypsy Luck. So then, your biggest concern will be the amount that you're betting.

Gypsy Luck lets you bet anywhere from 0.25 to a staggering 1,000 coins per spin, meaning that the most frugal gamblers and the biggest high rollers will both be pleased with what they find.

The Wild symbols will help create lots of extra wins on top of the ones you'll already get in a game that gives you 1,440 ways to win. Looking at the payouts specifically, Gypsy Luck is a pretty-low grade affair on a base level, with 5x10s getting you 0.40 and 5 wilds securing you a max 2.00.

The real cash jackpots roll in when you get three crystal balls to line up on the central reels, because this trigger the bonus features. Free spins, real cash prizes, and winning multipliers - they're all yours for the taking if you manage to line up the reels right.

Step up and Spin the Wheel

Gypsy Luck offers you a whole bunch of different bonus features that will keep you on your toes.

The Gypsy Reels are the first game you can play. These give you 10 additional free spins, letting you rack up big wins at no cost to yourself. On top of that, it can be re-triggered time and time again.

Next is the Gypsy Wheel. Spin it like you would a normal wheel mini-game, and you can win various prizes that can give you as much as a hundred times what you initially bet. The max bet will score 100,000 coins.

Last is the Tarot Bonus, which is the simplest of the three. Simply select a card from a deck to win a prize. As straightforward as it is, you can still win some pretty cool things from this mini-game.

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