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Gold’Erado Slot Machine

Online slots games encompass pretty much every theme you can think of these days, but online casino software developers will commonly trend towards something that reflects wealth - jewels, coins, money, and the like.

So then, is it a surprise that Cayetano Gaming's newest slot game revels in all things golden and shiny? We think not. The Gold'Erado video slot takes place within an ancient Aztec temple filled with traps and dead-ends. But, with enough luck, you could find the jackpot and walk away with a fat bank account and a grin on your face.

Most of Cayetano Gaming's titles are sure-fire crowd-pleasers, and we have little reason to think that Gold'Erado will be any different. Is this the case? Read on to find out if this new challenge game is up to muster!

A Slice of Aztec Culture

The free Gold'Erado draws directly from Aztec architecture and mythology to create a rich world that is at once informative and entertaining. Each of the 5 reels is filled with symbols that reflect the different parts of Aztec society and mythology that were important to its people.

Even the playing cards have been decorated in a snazzy Aztec-inspired style. Each symbol will give you a fairly solid payout, and with 20 paylines available to you, there are plenty of opportunities to win that coveted 10,000-coin jackpot.

As you would expect from the fine folks at Cayetano Gaming, the game looks as polished and well designed as you could hope for. The graphics are sharp, the sound crisp, and the gameplay as addictive as ever.

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Gold in the Form of 10,000 Coins

Gold'Erado gives you lots of leeway in deciding how much or how little you want to bet. Aside from the aforementioned 20 paylines, you can bet anywhere from a 0.01 to 10 coins per payline. Payouts are given in coins, and the maximum you can receive is 1,000 in a spin. If you want to win that 10,000-coin real cash jackpot, be sure to place the max bet. Looking directly at the symbol values, the wilds take the top prize in the base game, at a value of up to 1,000 coins, the small jewels bring up the rear, as they are worth up to 100 coins.

Opening the Doors to the Temple

The Wild symbols are what will make you rich here, as we stated above. Land five of these in a row, and you'll win the maximum 1,000 coins. Four will land you a hefty 500 coins, and even three will secure you 100 coins.

Wilds have a tendency to occupy an entire row, making it easy to rack up big wins in a short period of time.

Also of note is the blue gem. Each time you hit one of these on a valid payline, it will go into your collection jar. Get ten of them, and the doors of the temple will open up and initiate the bonus round.

You will be able to play a couple of different games here, and if you select the right options, you can multiply your win by as much as 500x your base bet amount.

Enter Dr. Frantic’s Lab

The Gold'Erado video slot is simple, fun, and very straightforward in what it offers. It's difficult to exactly replicate what Cayetano Gaming has achieved here, but we can think of a few titles that come fairly close.

If you're familiar with Gamesys, you'll probably know what direction we’re headed in now. Dr. Frantic's Lab of Loot and Golderado (not to be confused with the game we're covering) both offer many of the same features that makes Gold'Erado so fun in the first place.

Try Gold’Erado for Free Today!

We can say without any doubt that the free Gold'Erado slot is both entertaining and enjoyable. Offering everything to players, you will be sure to find at least one feature or perk that you enjoy here. Whether it's the large bets, the bonus symbols, or the mini-games, there's something for everybody in Gold'Erado!

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