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Happy Days Rock the Jackpot Slots

He boasted that he was too cool for school and now you have the opportunity to hang out with the Fonz (who was played by Henry Wrinkler and was a character famous capturing the attention of ladies with the click of his fingers) as you relive the antics of the gang from the hit TV sitcom Happy Days which captivated audiences from 1974 for ten years.

Those ten years saw eleven laughter-filled series of Happy Days air for a total of 255 episodes, with each lasting for thirty minutes, and now all of the gang are back alongside Fonzie, including Chachi, Ritchie and Joanie as you get your groove on and try to scoop a jackpot win!

Hang Out at Al’s Diner

Where else would all the fun take place than Al’s Diner? Remember, this TV sitcom was set in the 1950’s so those of you from a younger generation probably won’t be a fan of the chequered floor and red leather seats, but if they’re good enough for the Fonz, they’re good enough for you!

With a structure of 5 reels and 40 paylines, Happy Days Rock the Jackpot can be played from 40p up to £200 with you hearing Fonzie’s famous “(H)eyyy!” and “Whoa!” quotes while a rock and roll soundtrack accompanies the reels spinning, with the iconic TV show tune ringing out from the jukebox during the free spins feature where Golden Discs appear before transforming into one of the main symbols to create rock-n-roll wins.

In addition to this, there is the Record Picker Bonus which triggers randomly to offer you the opportunity to select one of three records to reveal a bonus feature where you could find the Rock the Jackpot Progressive symbol for a £50,000 win!

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Happy Days Rock the Jackpot

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Fonz and the Gang

The Happy Days logo acts as the Wild symbol here with the Jukebox acting as the Bonus symbol and there are Ace to 10 icons, but it’s the character symbols which are most impressive of all.

Fonzie appears wearing his customary white t-shirt, leather jacket and jeans with this hair that never has a strand out of place bringing some shine to the reels, plus you will see Chachi, Ritchie and Joanie from the gang too!

Record Picker Bonus

Blueprint Gaming are famous for their random bonus features and that’s exactly what the Record Picker Bonus is so you’ll need a little bit of luck and patience to trigger it, but it always proves worth the wait as it sees you pick one of three records for a special bonus.

Selecting the Wild Reels option will see one of the five reels turned completely Wild, the Colossal Happy Days option sees a giant Wild added to the reels to significantly increase the chances of you landing a big win, the Jukebox Bonus option sees you trigger the free spins feature, while discovering the Rock the Jackpot Progressive symbol will see you crowned a jackpot winner for a £50,000 which will see you copying the Fonz by going “Whoa!”.

Jukebox Free Spins

You’ll really feel like you’re part of the gang at Al’s Diner once you land the Jukebox symbol on the second, third and fourth reels at the same time as the sitcom’s famous intro tune rings out from the jukebox to signal that you’ve triggered the free spins feature.

Initially you will receive five free spins, however it is possible to win more by landing three or more Jukebox symbols as they play out. While that may not sound enticing considering there are so many online slots which offer a much higher number of initial free spins, Happy Days Rock the Jackpot sees Golden Records fall during free spins which will randomly turn into the same symbol. If these land and transform to match symbols which already existed on the reels, it’s rock and roll time as you’re about to experience a huge win to make it a very happy day indeed!

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