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Five of the Biggest Slots Progressive Jackpot Wins of all Time

If you thought your $100 win on Arabian Nights kicked ass, think again. Someone, somewhere around the world is right now taking down a life-changing slots jackpot.

The number of online progressive jackpots is rising all the time; no wonder considering how many people are playing slots on their PCs. We've even seen mobile casino jackpots pass the million-dollar mark in recent months.

Let's take a look at some of the biggest jackpots - both live and online - to hit the most popular slots around the world.

The Top 5 Biggest Slots Jackpots of all Time

1 - Excalibur Witnesses Legendary Slots Payout

Game: Megabucks (IGT)
Prize: $39.7 million
Won: Excalibur, Las Vegas - 2003
Winner: Anonymous

We're not sure how much software engineers earn, but we're betting it's nowhere near the $39.7 million bagged by a mystery 25-year-old in 2003 while playing Megabucks.

The holidaymaker from Los Angeles was visiting the medieval-themed Excalibur hotel and casino in Las Vegas when he took down the huge jackpot from a bet of just $20.

Megabucks has been making millionaires in the US for years, despite the odds of hitting the slot jackpot a whopping 49 million-to-1. An assessment of payouts over the years shows Megabucks has paid out around 88.61% to players.

And while those kinds of RTPs won't excite online slots players too much, it hasn't stopped Americans and holidaymakers across the US crossing their fingers and dropping another few bucks into the machine for one shot at the big one.

You can view the current jackpot amount in Nevada and the slot is also available in Macau.

2 - Mega Fortune Records A...Mega Fortune

Game: Mega Fortune (NetEnt)
Prize: €17,861,813
Won: PAF Casino, 2013
Winner: Anonymous Finnish player

Scandinavian players have a pretty good record in taking down massive online slots jackpots. And the biggest online progressive fell in 2013 when NetEnt's Mega Fortune was destroyed for a prize just under €18 million.

Mega Fortune is a Net Entertainment slot with images of Rolls Royces, diamond rings and private jets, and while the bling on show might be pretty vulgar, it's safe to say that most of the items on show on the reels could have been comfortably bought by any one of the millionaire winners in recent years.

Considering that the previous biggest online jackpot world record came in Mega Fortune too shows that NetEnt's game will have followers for years to come.

3 - Megabucks Strikes Again

Game: Megabucks (IGT)
Prize: $14,282,544
Prize: Rampart Casino, Nevada - 2014
Prize: Anonymous

In 2014, one lucky punter bagged a jackpot worth over $14 million when he played IGT's Megabucks slot at the Rampart Casino in Nevada.

Megabucks is no stranger to making millionaires, and the anonymous player had only wagered $20 before bagging a life-changing jackpot. Like many recent winners, the punter promised to donate his winnings to charity.

4 - Mega Moolah Bags Biggest Online Winner

Game: Mega Moolah (Microgaming)
Prize: CAD 7,561,773
Won: Royal Palace online casino, 2015