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Free Roulette Systems

These free roulette systems will help you to understand how roulette works, and maybe change the way you play so that your money can go further. Please note that there is no way to guarantee profit in casino games regardlesss of what betting system you use.

The free roulette systems are good for any random roulette game. Online roulette, live roulette and FOBT roulette are all random, however be wary of online casinos that you have never heard of or that are not licenced by any government jurisdiction. All of the casinos advertised on Vegas Slots are regulated by independent third parties, and many of these casinos you will have heard of. This doesn’t mean that small online casinos should be dismissed, however do a little background research before playing at new or unheard of casinos to be sure that you are getting a fair game. You should start by visiting our casino review section.

Getting Started

Choose your favourite roulette game at your favourite online casino. Avoid American Roulette as the additional zero works more in the casinos favour. Look out for roulette games that offer the ‘la partage’ bet whereby 50% of your stake will be returned on an outside bet if zero comes in.

Many Playtech roulette games offer the ‘la partage’ feature including the majority at Sky Vegas Casino.

Roulette Systems using Automated or Live Roulette?

I would always opt for live roulette over the automated counterparts, the live roulette games are at a steadier pace, and the game is ‘real’ as opposed to virtual. Despite both been random, live roulette has a better and more confident feel to it.

Once you are happy with your choice of game and online casino, try out any of these roulette systems to try your luck.

The Martingale Roulette System

The most famous and most dangerous of all roulette systems; Martingale is as simple as it is deadly. This is definitely a newbie roulette system and I wouldn’t recommend over using it.

Choose an outside bet, any will do. If it wins, take the money and start again. If it loses, double your stake and hope that it wins. If it loses, double again and so on.

For each successful win, you will win your money back plus your original stake which is usually a £1. The reason that this system is so deadly is for the simple fact that a sequence of losing spins will happen very often, and 10, 15 or 20 losing spins in a row is also surprisingly common.

This system will push you to the point of risking 100’s or 1000’s simply to win £1 profit, you will also be constrained by the tables maximum limits which are often £100, £500 or £1000.

If you are a high roller, table limits will be set higher for you but then it is unlikely you will want to play for £1 profit per spin. The Martingale roulette system is one to avoid.

Maximise Your Winning Streak

Nearly every gambler, whether it is roulette, blackjack or any other game only increase their stake when they are losing; known as chasing your losses.

Casinos love this behaviour and it is very hard to avoid if you like to gamble, but how about you do the opposite?

Instead of increasing your stake when you are losing, increase it when you are winning. This will give you potential to make a very large profit and minimise your losses.

If you win £100 on your first spin, bet it all. If it loses you lose your profit, if it wins you will be making thousands.

The problem with this system is that people are scared to lose, but when they are losing they begin to chase those losses to get them back. If you chase profit you will eventually have very large results, if you collect small profits each time, you will only lose or win minimal amounts.

It’s a difficult way to play because it requires a lot of will power, but once you get into a routine of playing like this you will find your days of profit have vastly improved. Recommended reading on this is our bankroll management guide. It's tailored for slots but the theory still applies.

Free Roulette Systems Summary

The best way to play roulette is to use gut instinct and limit the amount of spread you have across the table. Choose a few favourite numbers and pile more chips on those, that way when they do hit, you will have a good result.

Remember that roulette is random, and nothing is ‘due’. Play at reputable casinos, and get the bonuses online casinos offer, this is money you could be playing with without the risk.

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