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Deal or No Deal The Crazy Chair Slot

Deal or No Deal Crazy Chair Gold is the new £100 jackpot upgrade to the original Crazy Chair fruit machine from Bell Fruit.

Similar in appearance and playing style to the original, Crazy Chair Gold is far tighter when it comes to the bonus game, but other than that everything is pretty much the same.

DoND Crazy Chair Gold Gameplay

With a choice of the usual three stakes; 25p, 50p and £1 Crazy Chair Gold opens up the feature board via any win, three boxes in view or a completed line or row of boxes.

The gaming board comprises of a cash ladder and a feature ladder, with possible upgrades to enhance the features and to make the cash wins repeatable.

Like any Deal or No Deal fruit machine, the main appeal to this game is the DoND bonus feature where one of 16 boxes is awarded.

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Deal or No Deal The Crazy Chair Gold

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The DoND bonus game is activated by completing a row of boxes red, or a single winline red prior to feature entry. You complete the rows by landing on ‘spin’ in the top left and bottom right of the game board.

Once activated, the Deal or No Deal feature will have one jackpot prize; Mega Prize, with all of the other values been cash awards that can be upgraded by landing on Crazy Chair at the top and bottom of the gaming board.

The upgrades are very tight, so don’t expect more than one, or even one of the cash values to reach £100, at least not on the 50p stake. Playing on £1 per play does offer higher values, but again you will not get many values above £50, and the spaces in-between features can make for a considerably costly game if the box value isn’t high early on.

As well as the features and cash values, there is also the fairly standard Cash or Bust button which can be pressed at the start of the feature, or when landing on any mystery square.

The cash or Bust can be anything, and does progress to high values such as £50 or even the Mega Prize, so this is well worth taking advantage of if you think you will lose on the mystery, or don’t fancy taking a low cash prize.

Crazy Chair Gold Tips

Like the original Crazy Chair, the boxes during the reel spins can be red. Red boxes will open the phones at the start of the game.

When the phone feature is open, you will usually be able to land on the Crazy Chair upgrades a couple of times to change a few of the values, however as mentioned previously, these will not change the higher values too much, but it is still worth playing the board for a few upgrades nonetheless.

When you land on a mystery, Cash or Bust can be pressed, or any achieved prize except Deal or No Deal can be collected, you can also press the ‘message from the banker’ button (if available). This may tell you the outcome of the mystery.

The Mega Prize is always at least £100, and can do up to £200. This prize can be won from an invincible board, Cash or Bust or the Deal or No Deal feature.

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