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Wild Knight's Kings Ransom Slot Review

It’s time for another bloody encounter on the battlefield as the King has been kidnapped by the Black Baron and is being held to ransom. With a fleur-de-lis (which translates to ‘flower of the lily’) print in the background it’s clear that this King is French and you’ve been tasked with guiding him and the rest of his bloodthirsty Knights back to safety – with the monarchy prepared to offer extravagant rewards for your efforts!

A Popular Sequel

Of course, this is a sequel to the original Wild Knights slot machine, and although it doesn’t boast the 3D graphics you’d hope for, Barcrest have upped the stakes for this battle with only Knights who stump up between 10p and £500 (you can also choose to play in Big Bet or Super Bet mode) allowed to enter the battlefield.

In addition to this, instead of dragons, it’s the Kings arch-nemesis the Black Baron who you’ll have to avoid and a plethora of bonus features have been included such as the unlimited free spins feature, the Gauntlet and Wild Times bonus games, and you may even get the opportunity to sit at the round table which was reserved for the King’s most trusted Knights!

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Wild Knights King's Ransom

Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

The Cream of French Chivalry

It’s the cream of French chivalry on the reels with your trusty shield acting as the Wild symbol with red and blue shields acting as the Scatter symbols, but it’s the King that is of most importance as rewards of up to 1,000x your stake is on offer for locating him and bringing him to safety.

Along the way, you will also see a trio of different styled Knight helmets, pots of gold which are used to entice you to fetch the monarch, and Ace to 10 icons which have a neon style and aren’t very medieval looking.

Dodge the Black Baron

A trio of Scattered Shields with the fleur-de-lis pattern printed on them is key to activating the most lucrative feature in the Wild Knights Kings Ransom slot machine as it will see you trigger an unlimited free spins feature, with it only ending when you have lost all of your lives (or Knights as they are referred to here).

A mixture of red and blue shields sees you earn 1 Knight, three blue shields and you’ll have two Knights, while three red shields see you do battle with 3 Knights to ensure it will be a long-standing one. The key to big wins is dodging the Black Baron who shows up on the fifth reel, with every appearance he makes decreasing the number of Knights (lives) that you have, and should you land Wild symbols they will move down one position each spin so if you land them on the top row you could be running wild claiming a slaughter on the battlefield!

A Variety of Other Features

Just like the original Wild Knights slot machine, Barcrest have ensured that you’ll be taken by surprise just as you would on the battlefield by including random bonus features and there is also a special feature that is only accessible for the brave warriors staking in Super Bet mode.

Gantlet Bonus: Just as your feeling distraught and have given up on winning the battle, the Gauntlet feature could kick into action on non-winning spins which will see one of the symbols on the reels transformed into a different symbol to guarantee a win on that payline.

Wild Times Bonus: Once again, this is a feature which could occur randomly whenever you have a losing spin, with one of the symbols on the reels transformed into a Wild symbol in the hope of creating winning combinations.

Round Table Bonus: This feature is only available if the Big Bet or Super Big Bet mode is enabled, with your position as one of the Kings most trusted Knights earning you a seat at the round table. This will see you choose between a cash multiplier win or free spins, although if you’re willing to show just what a brave warrior you are and play in Super Bet mode you’ll also have pots of gold to choose from too – as they say, variety is the spice of life!

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