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Rainbow Riches Leapin Leprechauns Slots

Our quirky little Irish friend is back once again, this time leaping between platforms high up in the sky, which provide stunning views of the beautiful Irish landscape, as he sets off in pursuit of collecting riches to deliver to you.

Leapin Leprechauns follows hot on the heels of the Pick and Mix slot and Reels of Gold slot which were also released on the back of the huge success of the original Rainbow Riches slot machine, but this time Barcrest have delivered us with something different as it’s a fun little instant win game rather than a slot machine.

Our ginger-haired Irish hero appears once again donning his trademark emerald green suit and top hat with red and white striped socks that are up to his knees with purple shoes to ensure you cannot miss him as you stroll through the lush green Irish hills. He will be leaping from one platform to another and while some will be empty, others will have cash prizes, power-ups that boost your chances of progressing and there are also obstacles to avoid which can bring an end to his leaping and see him fall back down to earth with a bang to end the game.

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Rainbow Riches Leapin' Leprechauns

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Casino of the year 2021

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Leaping onto Platforms

To send the Leprechaun leaping high into the sky amongst the clouds in search of riches on your behalf you’ll have to pay him a fee before he starts which will range from 10p up to a maximum of £2 which will earn you five jumps (with you clicking the jump button each time or else utilising the autoplay option), however you could end up seeing him jump fewer or even more depending on whether he can find power-ups or if he stumbles into obstacles which halt him in his tracks.

Cash Prizes: The prizes he can find as he leaps between platforms are 4-leaf clovers, gold coins, pots of gold and rainbows which will all deliver a cash prize worth between half and 100x your total stake.

Obstacles: The obstacles he will face along the way include a cracked platform with a hole that he will fall through, a slithering snake who is ready to bite him, the number 13 which is unlucky for some and most certainly for you, a cracked mirror – maybe he should give that ginger beard a little trim, and a black cat with an evil look in its eyes. While bumping into any of these will see the game end, power-ups could prolong his quest for cash on your behalf.

Power-Ups: These are crucial to accumulating large wins on Rainbow Riches Leapin Leprechauns as they can quash obstacles in the Leprechauns way to ensure he can jump onto higher platforms rather than simply fall all the way back down and these include a heart, horseshoe, balloon and a magic hat. The hearts quash any obstacles for the next two jumps, horseshoes are even better as they quash obstacles for the next three jumps, balloons fly past all of the platforms and land on a prize which will have been multiplied by either 2x, 3x, or 5x, while magic hats come into effect if you’ve used up the rest of your power ups to ensure safe passage for one platform.

After five successful transitions between platforms you will be faced with a decision to collect your winnings or to send the Leprechaun on by selecting the continue option, plus you’ll enjoy a bonus prize worth half your stake each time he makes five successful jumps so let’s hope he keeps leaping along for a long time!

A Stairway to Riches

With the rewards on offer here, the platforms can be seen as a stairway to riches, as the higher the Leprechaun climbs, the more riches will be coming your way!

While I expected it to be a slot machine following on from the success of the original Rainbow Riches slot machine and its predecessors, I was a little disappointed to find that it was an instant win game, but that disappoint quickly eroded when our little ginger friend started hopping between platforms to bring cold hard cash my way – cheers buddy!

Let’s hope you have the luck of the Irish on your side and he brings you plenty too!

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