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Emperor's Gold Slots

First impressions count a fair bit when selecting which online slot to play, but it's the paytable that holds the key for most of us. This is where Emperor's Gold - from leading developer SG Gaming - may come unstuck.

The first impressions here are good - bright, stylised graphics with a simple layout: solid if not spectacular. No problem there. So you check out the paytable to see how much you could potentially gain and how much you might need to invest. Suddenly you're presented with a staggering seventeen pages of gameplay information.

At this point many players may just scroll onto the next available slot not even attempting to unravel what seems to be a mind-boggling array of instructions.

However, we're here to help demystify Emperor's Gold for you. It's not as scary as it might at first appear.

A Simple Real Money Base Game

A straightforward 5x3 reel matrix is set against a deep red backdrop which is such an important colour to the Chinese as well as to slots player because it signifies luck and prosperity.

Symbols are Emperor and the Empress Consort, a beautiful tiger, panda, Emperor's palace and a lantern with a delicate flower pattern. The lower symbols are playing cards J through A.

Wilds are a fiery dragon curled upon himself. In the base game, he performs very standard functions. He appears on reels two, three and four substituting for symbols and uncurling into a stacked Wild, covering all symbols on his reel.

Scatters are a Chinese element icon surrounded by firecrackers. Three Scatters will trigger 12 Free Spins, four Scatters offers you 14 Free Spins and five Scatters awards 20 Free Spins.

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Emperor's Gold

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Straightforward Free Spins For Slots Bonus Hounds

There's a straight forward Free Spins round on a new set of reels, but, this has additional features like the picture trail. Any Wilds you land during your Free Spins will breath fire on the picture trail progressing one by one along the symbols with the hope you reach the highest paying symbol at the end.

Additional Free Spins can be triggered by both Wilds and Scatters.

Additional Features - Enjoy The Big Bet Series

So far, so simple. So, why all the pages and pages of paytable info?

Emperor's Gold is one of a series of slots for Barcrest that offers the Big Bet Additional Features. These aren't Bonus Rounds or payout options they're a series of 'packages' that allow you to place your bets/ play in a slightly different way.

There are three Big Bet packages available. For 20 credits you can 'buy' five Big Bet Spins which include persistent Wilds. For 30 credits you get the same plus the Super Bonus Trail and for 50 credits you'll get the Mega Bonus Trail in addition to the base offering.

These packages are on offer for free play and for real money. Barcrest claim that the RTP for the Big Bet games is 98%, that's 4% higher than the lowest bets in the base game. The packages do offer an opportunity to win more over the long term.

It is important to remember, though, that with all the dazzle of the Additional Features your chances of winning are no higher than sticking to the base game.

Essentially what we have is a series of Additional Features which add a little spice and variety to a very basic slot. Given that volatility is med- high (we've certainly experienced some long dry spells), these Additional Features can be a welcome added interest.

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