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Bankroll Management For Online Slots

Betting on slots for real money is great fun, and the rewards can be huge.

But without a sensible approach to your bankroll, you can soon see your funds disappearing.

Bankroll management makes your stakes last longer and ensures that you'll hang on to more of your winnings. That means you'll have more cash to spend on those big bonus features and progressive jackpots slots.

What is Bankroll Management?

Essentially, bankroll management is about handling how you spend your betting funds. As with any gambling game, how you handle a bankroll depends upon what slots you're playing, and at what stakes.

There's no tried-and-tested plan for bankroll management, but it's essential to pick the right coin bets. There's no point having a £20 bankroll and diving in at £2 spins on a high-variance slot; you'll soon go bust.

Consider betting a small percentage of your bankroll on every spin, while still betting all paylines. If you have a roll of £50 on a standard 20-payline video slot with coins starting from £0.01, play all paylines and bump the coins up to 5 per spin. That makes your total bet per spin 20 x £0.01 x 5 = £1, or 2% of your bankroll.

Hitting the Right Slots

Choosing stakes that are right for your bankroll is just the start. You need to find slots that offer big, long-term RTPs (Return to Player percentages).

An online slot that has an RTP of 92% will take a lot of your roll much quicker than a slot with a 97% RTP. Of course, you might get lucky early and hit a big jackpot, and those kinds of things can skew your bankroll.

Look at the Paytable first. Here, you'll find the RTP% (usually) plus a list of the possible jackpots. Let's say you've found a slot with a 97% RTP and a jackpot of £50,000, and you're betting £1 a spin.

You hit the Autospin button and programme the slot to play 500 spins an hour. That means you theoretically could dump £15 each hour (500 spins x £1 bets x 3/100 (the 3% house edge).

Sensible Game Plans

If your bankroll can't handle it, that £15/hour theoretical loss can be a killer. So, have a gameplan in place.

Should you be aiming for lower-level slots with lower jackpots and higher RTPs? It all comes down to what your long-term plan is.

Are you in it for a bit of fun? Are you a junkie for the action? Or do you want to bet as much as you can and hit those elusive progressives?

It's all down to personal preference, of course. Small, regular wins are fun and enough action for some gamblers. And if you manage your winnings properly you can slowly accumulate a decent roll like a solid cricketer grinding away runs in a test match.

Cash Out Your Winnings

Slots can get pretty addictive, and when you're on a winning run it can be easy to think you're invincible.

Don't get sucked in by the 'wins make more wins' mentality of gamblers; consider each spin as separate from the next and learn to make regular cash-outs.

Regularly cashing out winnings is a good discipline to ensure you have cash in the bank. Better still, have a firm 'cash-out' target in mind. e.g. you might reach £100 before cashing out, then stop playing completely for the session. This freshens you up for the next playing session and is particularly important if you're playing three or four slots at once to improve your profits.

Find a Generous Welcome Bonus

Making your money work harder for you is vital for bumping up a bankroll. Most UK online casinos offer healthy welcome bonuses for new customers making a deposit.

You can often earn 100% of your first deposit back from the casino, just for playing for real-money. Normally, you'll have to wager, or play-through, about 30-40x your initial deposit amount before you earn your free cash. However, for keen slots players it can really add up to free money.

Always remember to check the Terms and Conditions first, though. Some casinos let you contribute 100% of your online slots play towards unlocking a bonus; others limit it to 50%, or less. That means that you'll be working even harder playing your slots to unlock some free cash.

Use Your Free Spins

As well as a welcome bonus on new accounts (and remember, there's nothing to stop you opening multiple casino accounts at different sites), look for deals that offer free spins on selected slots.

Free spins are sometimes offered to new sign-ups on big new titles exclusive to a casino, so make them pay. And good casinos will keep loyal customers happy with regular slots leaderboard challenges and free spins deposit promotions. Milk all of them to give your bankroll a healthy lift. Read our casino reviews for UK players to see what casinos are available and if they suit your needs.

Making Your Bankroll Work Harder

Prolonging your real-money slots play is about managing a bankroll sensibly. So, know what stakes you're comfortable with, know when to stop (both when winning and losing), and take advantage of the best RTPs and jackpots.

Finally, make the online casinos do the hard work; there are plenty of promotions out there for slots nuts. It's lucky, then, that has a list of the very best real-money sites with loads of excellent bonuses and promotions all year round.

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