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I’ll take a stab in the dark and guess that ‘Don Diego de la Vega’ isn’t a name you are familiar with, however I’ll bet his secret identity of ‘Zorro’ is one you’ve came across many times.

The fictional character was created by Johnston McCulley way back in 1919 and he has proven to be so popular that he has spawned a franchise consisting of numerous comics, books, televisions shows and films (most notably ‘The Legend of Zorro’ which was released in 2005 with Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones starring).

Now, thanks to Aristocrat, the Zorro video slot enables you to join the caped crusader in swooping onto the reels and accumulating big wins to cash-out with!

Swordsmanship and Gallantry

The masked outlaw, who has captured so many people’s hearts by defending normal people from crooked government officials and villain’s, rides onto these five reels on the back of his trusty horse, Tornado – both in black makes it easy for them to make a quick escape in darkness, with the sounds of its hooves clacking echoing out whenever you click the spin button.

All the fast-paced action takes place across 25 adjustable paylines with you playing for a minimum of 25p up to a high limit of £125 without the Zorro Bonus active while activating it, which I’d highly recommend as the feature is what really makes Zorro so exciting with one of five features being selected at random, sees you pay an additional bet of 10 credits.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get Tornado to giddy-up as you have reels to raid!

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The Man in Black

Nobody is more important than Zorro on the pay table of this free Zorro slot machine and bumping into him will see you claim the top prize of to 5,000 coins. You’ll also bump into his love interest Juliana who could give you up to 2,000 coins, Colonel Monastario will greet you with up to 1,000 coins, you’ll receive up to 500 coins for finding wooden barrels, finding bags of gold coins see you rewarded with up to 400 coins, plus there are Ace to 10 symbols which are worth the least of all.

Five Features for Five Letters

You’ll be glad you stumped up the additional bet of 10 credits if you get lucky enough to trigger this exciting bonus feature. To trigger it you will need to land a ‘Z’ on reel one, an ‘O’ on reels two and five, plus an ‘R’ on the third and fourth reels during the same spin – a feat which will see you randomly awarded one of the following five bonus features.

Tornado Feature: This simply sees Zorro arrive on Tornado to deliver a cash prize of up to 500x your line bet.

Gold Coins: This click me game sees the symbols replaced with gold coins that you get to click on. Your task is to find two that match which will see you win a cash prize worth up to 500x your line bet and you could get lucky by revealing a multiplier bonus worth up to 10x to be applied to your prize too.

Wild Z Feature: This bonus game sees you receive 3 free spins with Zorro carving his trademark ‘z’ into one of the symbols at the start of each spin to transform it into a Wild symbol which remains in place until all of your free spins have finished.

Magic Door Feature: Here you will knock on a door to reveal either Zorro, Juliana or Monastario before being awarded 5 free spins. Each time that the character shows up during them you simply have to click on them to reveal a prize of 500x, 750x or 1,000x your line bet.

Barrels Feature: Rather than being given a predetermined number of free spins, this game feature sees Zorro provide you with the choice of four, all of which contain multiplier bonuses for wins that he is involved in.

• 5 free spins with wins containing Zorro having a multiplier of 5x, 10x or 15x

• 10 free spins with wins containing Zorro having a multiplier of 3x, 5x or 8x

• 15 free spins with wins containing Zorro having a multiplier of 2x, 3x or 4x

• 20 free spins with wins containing Zorro having a multiplier of 2x

If you’re a player like me, you’ll take the risk of less free spins with greater multipliers in the hope of landing a big win!

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