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It’s time to immerse yourself in history as you find yourself transported back in time to 79 AD where you’ll be patiently waiting for Mount Vesuvius to erupt with massive wins!

You don’t have to be a history buff to know the catastrophic story of Pompeii but for those of you unaware of what happened in the wealthy and bustling city during the ancient Roman era, the city was destroyed after a volcano called Mount Vesuvius violently erupted and left it buried under hot volcanic ash, with around 2,000 people losing their lives.

While you may be thinking that’s the last place you want to find yourself, you’ll actually be hoping for Mount Vesuvius to erupt over and over again in the Pompeii video slot as this means you’ll be enjoying explosive wins while being safe and secure!

Exploring the Ancient City

The striking sight of Mount Vesuvius’s eruption beginning can be seen in the background of the Pompeii slot machine as you find yourself in the heart of the city reliving the glorious days of the Roman Empire.

All the action takes place across 5 reels with 3 rows and it’s another Aristocrat slot which utilises their popular Reel Power technology which means you have 243 ways to win with the cost of travelling back in time being a minimum of 50p up to a high limit of £125, although you can also play for free below with no download needed.

While I’m usually a huge critic of the graphics and sounds used by Aristocrat, they have actually done a great job here as the scene is set perfectly with symbols befitting of the theme featuring on the pay table, you’ll hear dictator Julius Caesar saying “Veni, vidi, vici” (which famously translates to “I came, I saw, I conquered”) whenever gold coins appear on the reels and landing big wins even sees the reels shake powerfully as if Mount Vesuvius has erupted once more.

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Wild Eruptions of Mount Vesuvius

The sight of Mount Vesuvius erupting with hot lava is the most striking symbol of all and it appears only on the second and fourth reels, acting as the Wild symbol, with its true powers coming to fruition during the free spins feature.

While there are Ace to 9 playing card icons on the reels of this free Pompeii slot machine, it’s the stunning amulets you’ll hope to see most frequently as these are the highest paying symbols of all, worth up to 100x your stake. As you explore the city you will also be rewarded for finding warrior helmets, swords and shields and witnessing chariot races which punters loved to bet on during the glorious era.

Valuable Gold Coins

Gold coins were a form of currency in ancient Rome and you’ll be hoping to find plenty of them as you explore the city as you’ll receive Scatter payouts and trigger a very lucrative free spins bonus feature in return for doing so.

These gold coins have the word Pompeii engraved at the top and bottom of them with each side decorated by an olive branch while the face of Julius Caesar fills the middle and the more of them you find at once the better as this means even greater rewards.

Finding three gold coins see you claim 5x your stake and 10 free spins, locating four of them at once sees you receive 20x your stake and 15 free spins, while getting your hands on five of them will see you claim 50x your stake and 20 free spins – and it’s even possible to retrigger the feature with these combinations as your free spins play out.

While there is no standard multiplier bonus (such as all wins being subject to a 3x multiplier), there are impressive multiplier bonuses on offer for Wild symbols substituting in wins.

If the Wild symbol appears on the second reel and substitutes for a win a 3x multiplier bonus will be applied while the same thing happening on the fourth reel will see a 5x multiplier bonus applied. Should you get lucky enough to have a Wild symbol substituting in a win on both the second and fourth reels you’ll be witnessing Mount Vesuvius erupting with huge wins as a 15x multiplier bonus comes into play!

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