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Vampires Slot Machine

When you look through the annals of online casino gaming history, you'll find that few other developers can even get close to the level of experience that Amatic brings to the table.

Launched back in 1993, this is a gambling developer that has been able to hone its craft over the years. It's actually now reached a point that any and every new Amatic release comes with a huge amount of hype in tow. The Vampires video slot is no exception to this, as players have been no doubt chomping at the bit (pardon the Dracula reference) to try this game on for size.

Games that take a leaf out of Bram Stoker's playbook are hardly new, as every developer has had a crack at a vampire-themed slot or one point or another. Hoping to have more success than most, Vampires is attempting to serve up some serious blood-sucking action, but is it able to deliver? The following review reveals all!

With a Gothic Touch on the Reels

The clue is obviously in the name when it comes to figuring out what this new casino slot machines game is all about, as vampires are the call of the day here. We have to call it like we see it and say that Vampires isn’t the best-looking online slot game we've seen. The added gloss required is most definitely missing.

However, with those negatives out the way, we must say that the blood-tinged theme of Vampires certainly caught our attention. The game oozes old-school flavour. Looking at the reels you'll see a whole host of ghastly looking symbols, with even the low-value icons being given a gothic script makeover. What really works to give this theme an extra bit of zip is the fact that all symbols carry an effect that makes it appear as if the moonlight is reflecting off of them. All in all, what the game lacks in production power it more than makes up for in theme quality.

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125,000 Reasons to Sharpen Your Fangs

While a great theme can go a long way in the world of online slots, it isn't enough to send it straight to the top of the charts. This is because every great game needs some solid gameplay credentials backing it up, with Vampires certainly representing a surprise package in that regard. Cramming in 50 paylines across its 5 reels, punters can play up to 5,000 coins on a single spin. Who would have thought that an Amatic game could push things to such a level? In all honesty, we certainly didn't. This also bleeds over into the prize power of the free Vampires slot, as the game can hit the heady heights of 125,000 coins, so whoever spins the reels of Vampires certainly isn't going to be left feeling short-changed.

Look into the Jeweled Eye

Much like with some other Amatic titles, Vampires also includes a Gamble feature. Simple enough in execution, all a player has to do is select the colour/suit of the next card to emerge from the digital deck in order to double/quadruple the prize.

For reference, the Gamble feature is unlocked any time you grab a win within the base game. The reels here don't have too much to them when it comes to added extras, but Wild symbol fans will surely get a kick out of the jeweled eye. This symbol allows for some pretty effortless winning combinations. On top of that, the game also throws a Scatter symbol out there, so you can trigger up to 7 free spins should it fall in your favour.

More Blood Sucking Fun

Vampires is a fairly solid offering from Amatic, but it is anything but unique. What this means is that similar games to Vampires are pretty much a dime a dozen. Pointing you in the direction of the similar games that matter, we have a few fun recommendations to send your way. First up, and mirroring the gameplay of Vampires, is Carnival in Rio from Gamesys, which also has 50 paylines and awards 7 free spins. Next up, Red Rake creation Crypt of the Vampire contains reel after reel of fun.

Try Vampires and Play for Free Today!

When you take an objective look at Vampires, what you'll find is that this Amatic game represents a real surprise package. While there was some hype attached to the game prior to release, in our eyes it has just about met those expectations.

The downsides of this real money online slots title come about through poor production values and lacklustre bonus features, but the sheer power of the base game does more than enough to cover these misgivings. Overall, Vampires isn't a groundbreaking online slots game, but it sure is plenty of fun to play!

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