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Tweety Birds Slots

Despite what others may tell you, the world of online slots gaming isn't just about the cold hard cash. There is certainly more to the equation as fun and entertainment are factors that are just as important to bear in mind. One developer that has shown time and time again that they understand this, along with being able to grasp what players want is Amatic. Staking claim to having one of the hottest production lines around, it seems that not a month goes by without the brand bringing a new game to market. The developer's latest creation is more lighthearted than what has come before, and the bubbly nature of Tweety Birds is sure to catch your eye.

Rattling the Cage

The large percentage of online slot games out there tend to carry serious overtones, we don't know why that is, but we do know that it seems that some of the fun has gone by the wayside. Tweety Birds presents a complete departure from this, as the game serves up bright and bubbly action from the outset. The background of this release is a detail-less blue, with the reels taking centre stage, which, in our opinion, is exactly how it should be. While we liked the simple yet attention grabbing theme, we can't issue the same praise for the production values of Tweety Birds. To say that this game carries low-key graphics would be an understatement on our part, as the graphics really aren't of the quality we've come to expect from Amatic.

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Tweety Birds

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Prizes That Will have you Spitting Feathers

As they say, you can't judge a real money online slots title by its cover, with that certainly being the case when it comes to Tweety Birds. Within the reels of the base game there are a fair few treats in store, as the game features 5 reels and 40 paylines of pure fun. You'll find the control panel at the bottom of the screen, which allows players to tweak the wager value between 10 coins and 200 coins. From that point on, it’s all about hitting the spin button and aiming to land a winning combination. Speaking of winning combinations, it's well worth mentioning that the lowest value win is 150 coins, while the game peaks with a 2,500-coin payout.

Something Worth Tweeting About

No online casino slots title in this day and age can get by without throwing out a few bonus features, with Tweety Birds being no exception. What kicks off the bonus side of this game is an old favourite that we certainly have a soft spot for. In Tweety Birds the Gamble feature makes an appearance, allowing players to double their money in a flash should they be able to guess the colour of the next card to emerge from a digital deck.

Looking at the special symbols in play within Tweety Birds, you'll have a Wild symbol to hand for starters. Represented by the cat, not only is this symbol going to make it easier to secure a winning combination, but it's stackable too if you happen to be after more payout power. From that point on, it's worth keeping an eye out for the Scatter symbol too, as it's linked to both a dedicated cash prize and up to 5 free spins.

Bask in the Festival of Lights

We have no doubt that the Tweety Birds video slot will soon have an army of fans, so we wouldn't be surprised if players looked for games that played out in similar fashion. Thankfully, any player that is after a Tweety Birds-esque slots experience has come to the right place. Pushing the theme to one side, both the electric Festival of Lights (Blueprint Gaming) and the historic Mayan Riches (IGT) deliver plenty of action through setups that mimic Tweety Birds to a certain extent.

Try Tweety Birds for Free Today!

We really do have to praise Amatic, as with the free Tweety Birds slot the brand has gone out on a limb to create something different. In the interest of fairness, we have to say that not every aspect of Tweety Birds is enjoyable, with the payouts being a little on the low side for our tastes. However, taking the game as a whole package, you can see why critics have been quick to praise it. Fun on the outside and largely fun on the inside, Tweety Birds is certainly a game worth checking out.

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