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Lightning Hot Slot Machine

Amatic has been creating slot games for well over 20 years now and have shown a longevity in the business. While Amatic continues to push through in the online casino gaming world, its actual creations have seen a dip in quality as of late. Lightning Hot is an example of an Amatic creation that is deficient at best, with it representing “quick fix” online slots title at its core.

The above has addressed Lighting Hot and what it has to offer to a certain degree, but could the game - with its 500,000 coin high jackpot up for grabs - still deliver a touch of something enviable? Thereby restoring Amatic’s positive push within the industry? There is only one way to find out, so we suggest you check out the following review!

Not Quite Lightning in a Bottle

As you know, we prefer to be positive when can be, but we find that impossible with Lightning Hot. It has an overly basic theme, and even the utilisation of the colour red is flat, contrasted with the numbers on paylines appearing in a non-synched fashion. There is just nothing here that is of visual value, with the overall UI of Lightning Hot video slot being drab pretty much across the board.

If you find the premise of this game boring, you will really dislike the “stock” look of the stars, melons, lemons, cherries, and oranges, as they make up the symbols in the game. Amatic has failed with its interpretation of a classic look for sure here, as they have without doubt created better looking games over the years.

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Lightning Hot

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
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Half a Million Reasons to Spin the Reels

However, for all the visual misgivings, Lightning Hot does reflect a good attempt at delivering classic slots play. With its 10 paylines steadily being utilised, a player simply has to bet between 10 coins and 5,000 coins to cover them all, press spin, and the game is up and running. As far as rewards are concerned in this game, the key is in the multipliers. Firstly, you might note that revealing five Lucky 7s will yield a top reward of 500,000 coins. While not everyone likes multipliers, they do suffice in Lightning Hot, as they can quite easily work to put six-figures in your back pocket.

Nothing to go Wild Over

While Amatic has not showered players with great bonus play in Lightning Hot, there is little here that is “Wild” so to speak. The Wild symbol and a couple of Scatter symbols can come into play and can give out instant prize amounts.

Again, we were hardly overwhelmed with these bonus features, but in this instance it’s a case of something is better than nothing. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Lightning Hot has a Gamble feature, which is not innovative in any way if you ask us, but once again it does add a small amount of something extra to proceedings.

Feeling the Power of the Flames

It is your call as a player whether you want to experience something else like free Lighting Hot slot, as we just don’t think that this Amatic title is up to much. However, you do want more of this in your gaming repertoire the good news is that you have a plethora of choices.

Functioning along the same lines of this game, we think you should try Octavion’s Fusion Power or Flaming Fruits from Bet Construct. Both of these titles seem to stand by the basic fundamentals of real money online slots play just like Lightning Hot.

Try Lightning Hot for Free Today!

Although Lighting Hot showed it could have been a good slots game reminiscent of the classics, the fact is that this slot failed in somewhat typical Amatic fashion. With boring graphics, sub-standard online gambling, and challenges in gameplay that become more apparent as you spin the reels, even the most dedicated classic slots fans would have a hard time liking this one. Overall, unless you are really hard up, we certainly wouldn’t recommend playing Lightning Hot.

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