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Hot 81 Slot Machine

Let’s us tell you something right off the bat, this is a game of origin. Hot 81 is an online slots release with guaranteed fun and entertainment, just like casino gaming was intended to be. We are delighted to tell our slot fans and attentive readers that there is a great deal of fun that awaits you, as Hot 81 is doing plenty to live up to the lofty Amatic name.

Now, we understand that you have seen dozens (if not hundreds) of classically styled online slot games in the past. But, we certainly wouldn’t want you to lump the Hot 81 video slot in with the rest, with the following review explaining exactly why that’s the case!

Exactly What You’ve Come to Expect

With typical expectations starting on the low-end when there is a bare bones slot like Hot 81 put in front of us, you can imagine that it takes a lot for such to peak our attention. Initial expectations are always bound to be a touch on the lower side, but this offering from Amatic yields a fair opportunity for fun and top earnings.

Looking at the theme, it really is a case of “Slot Game Design 101”, so expect flat graphics and minimal flash. On top of that, the sound effects used are emanating from 1990s arcade offerings, so Hot 81 certainly rides a nostalgia kick.

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Hot 81

Casino of the year 2020

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2020

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

From 81 to 8,100

There are differences between traditional slots and what Hot 81 offers when it comes to gameplay. Whereas a traditional game would have five reels, Hot 81 has four. The classic 9 payline set up has been squared, so there is an impressive 81 ways to win, which explains the name of this release to a certain extent.

The wagering set up is strict, with a maximum wager of 81 coins and with a monetary amount from 0.01 to 5 coins applicable per coin. Going for the max in penny slots like this could cause a wager as high as 405 coins to be pumped into the game. When it comes to prizes, what’s at hand can range from 1 coin all the way up to an impressive 8,100 coins.

Looking into the prize factor of Hot 81 further, the Lucky Seven yields the best base-level return with 50 coins for 4 symbol combos. While 50 coins as a win is probably not going to generate too much excitement, the Wild Lucky Stars are a different story, as such can lead players to the much sought after 8,100 coin jackpot.

Literally Nothing to Speak Of

Here is where the wheels begin to come off the free Hot 81 slot, as it’s really lacking when it comes to bonus features. In fact, lacking doesn’t even fully cover it, as this game features absolutely no bonus features. No mini-games, no Scatter symbols, no Wild symbols, there is literally nothing here when it comes to added extras. In our opinion, this does hurt the overall replay value of Hot 81.

Always Hot and Always Ready

Hot 81 clones (or at least similar games), are very easy to locate in that there is a long list of “Hot” games being routinely touted around the online casino domain. Namely, we are talking about the “Hot” game series from Novomatic, including Ultra Hot, Ultra Hot Deluxe, Sizzling Hot, Always Hot Deluxe, and so many more. With the power of the “Hot” game series, there will always be fun and real cash ready to be won

Try Hot 81 for Free Today!

Hot 81 is an online slot game that will allow gamers to test their skills through a release that is threadbare when it comes to features. Standing by the methods of old when it comes to slot game development, this title is one that old school reel fans are going to love. That being said, those with more intentions may not find Hot 81 to be all that engaging. Play for free today and see what you think.

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