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Diamond Monkey Slot Machine

There are a lot of mythological real cash slot games floating around the online casino scene these days, as high-end developers like Microgaming and NetEnt have placed emphasis on the sub-genre in recent years. They want players to sink themselves into the characters and related stories, rather than offering fun. However, there is one developer that appears to be pulling the mythological sub-genre back towards the realm of what’s fun and fancy.

Amatic released the Diamond Monkey video slot in 2013, with the game having gone from strength to strength since its launch. Presenting a mix of the classic and the mythological, this unusual combo makes playing casual and light, allowing players to have simple fun, while sending a lot of winnings in their direction at the same time!

Where Classic Meets Contemporary

Granted, there are users who love their online slots games to come with elaborate UI design and other over the top features. Yet there are as many who like a more laid back and fun approach that is not too taxing on the brain. So, it is for this reason that Diamond Monkey - and others like it - are favoured by so many, as it tends to blend both of these approaches together. With adequate graphics, a generally chirpy theme, and a fun, notable soundtrack, play is taken up a notch in Diamond Monkey that’s for sure.

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Diamond Monkey

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

From Diamonds to 1,000 Gold Coins

The Indian monkey god, Hanuman, is the basis for this mythical look Amatic title. He is the vessel through which you will be able to attain good-sized jackpots. There are all kinds of icons presented that allude to Indian culture here as well, including royal palaces, golden chests, multiple colours of gemstones, and roaming elephants. The highest paying symbol is the royal palace. For five-of-a-kind combinations, it dishes out up to 500 coins. The key jackpot icon is that of an attention grabbing diamond. 5, 4, and 3, symbol combinations involving the diamond give players access to a treasure of 1,000, 300, and 60 coins, respectively.

Gems, Gems, and More Gems

Hanuman – the previously mentioned monkey god – is the Wild symbol in Diamond Monkey. It can replace any basic symbol, usually paying 50 coins no matter its number of appearances on screen. However, with each Hanuman symbol appearance, you collect a free red gemstone. Should you accrue 25 gemstones in any game session, you will surely be in for a surprise in the form of additional coins and free spins. Being truthful, bonus action isn’t the forte of free Diamond Monkey slot, but the offering here isn’t stripped back enough to the point where it holds the game back.

Get Funky Like a Monkey

While not an offering that’s going to have a broad appeal through its theme alone, Diamond Monkey’s gameplay is fun for sure, especially when you compare it to what else is currently out there. If you want more of the like, Microgaming’s Monkey’s Money and Playtech’s Funky Money may grab your attention. Both of these releases represent top of the line monkey themed slots action, so don’t be afraid to give either of them a spin.

Try Diamond Monkey for Free Today!

With its Scatter symbol and Wild symbol being the same, Amatic’s Diamond Monkey is atypical in a sense. However, much improvement in the theme department would be needed to make this a regular game on your “To Play” list, but for a quick fix, Diamond Monkey is perfect. Overall, this game represents a fine addition to the growing Amatic back catalogue.

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