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It sounds like an odd mix and that’s because it is, as new Amatic online casino game Diamond Cats meshes together – you guessed it – diamonds and cats. You don’t just get to don collars of diamonds here though, as you also have a palace as your home to explore. This is not all, for you can now spend your time being stroked by the beautiful princess that loves cats, who also lives in this palace. Things just get even stranger from there, as you also have the opportunity to win prizes for discovering many other cats on the reels. When you take an objective look at Diamond Cats, you can clearly see why many critics have labeled it as “bonkers”.

All of this catty excitement can be enjoyed through the use of your laptop or any manner of mobile devices. With many different spin-stakes for the choosing, cat-lovers - experienced as well as novice - can find enjoyment in this great game, especially if you are able to take its barmy premise in your stride.

Taking a Tour of the Palace

Considering that Diamond Cats has the word diamond with its name, you can rightfully expect this game to have a fair slice of style. Any place you choose to play or sleep within this reel-focused palace will be furnished with blue leopard skin print. Or, instead, you can be sat upon the lap of the gorgeous princess and be stroked, and while this is occurring you are able to look for feline friends that will allow you to win bonuses as well as prizes. Theme wise, there is no denying that Diamond Cats is a little “out there”, but it still looks pretty lavish at the same time.

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Diamond Cats

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For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino
Casino of the year 2021

For all new players at Gambino Slots Casino

Cat Scratch Your Way to 50,000 Coins

There are a wide variety of cats to be found within Diamond Cats video slot, with all giving you large cash prizes. Keep an eye out for the blue-eyed Siamese that wins you up to 15,000 coins, as well as the Tabbies and Persian Blues that award you up to 20,000 coins. Marmalade coloured cats and white cats can win you up to 25,000 coins, while finding the beautiful princess gets you up to 50,000 coins. As you can gather, there is no shortage of powerful payouts at hand in Diamond Cats.

The Siamese is very different from most other cats in this game, in that it perfectly showcases the large variety of cats that the world offers - this is especially true to the staking preference of this slot. You can play all 10 paylines, of course tweaking them to suit your style of play or bankroll management, with bets ranging between 10 coins and 500 coins per spin.

Pretty in Pink

The bonus action in the free Diamond Cats slot begins with the Wild Pink Diamond Hearts, and these can send your account balance crazy by replacing all base-game icons to make a surplus of winning paylines. Keep a look out for a Bonus Spin Scatter Symbol too, which awards instant wins up to 50,000 coins, and 3 icons or more can activate 10 free spins to boot. During such, every wild symbol that shows up shall become sticky until the free spins have all been used up. While it’s hardly a bonus bonanza, the extras available within Diamond Cats do more than enough to help keep the game ticking over.

All Aboard the Diamond Express

Although Diamond Cats has the visuals and general aura of an off-the-wall real money online slots game, there are other slots available out there that bear similarities. Some games that have the same overtones are Diamond 7s by Microgaming, Diamond Street by Novomatic and Diamond Express by Magnet Gaming. These games all have the same general feel, as well as similar options for wagering and playing. Simply put, if you are searching for a glorious and glamorous online slot game to quench your gambling thirst, these games are sure to meet your needs.

Try Diamonds Cats for Free Today!

This game is a cat-lover’s fantasyland, as well as the ideal place for lovers of online slots that carry large instant win prizes. When you factor in the many more opportunities to win massively through the exciting special features, you can easily see why Diamond Cats has players talking. All in all, if you can take the bizarre theme in your stride, there is plenty of fun to be had with this new Amatic game.

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