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Bells On Fire Slot

We warned you – this is a slot that can get uncomfortably hot with insane payouts and incredulous levels of entertainment, so play at your own risk!

If you are a fan of Amatic slots, you must have played their highly popular slot Bells on Fire that was released around 2 years ago in 2014. Bells On Fire acts as a deluxe version or a sequel to that particular slot and tries to add some exciting features to the already popular formula that served its predecessor very, very well.

Free spins, plenty of bonus rounds and in general a very positive, fun vibe – this is the package you agree to receive while spinning the reels of Bells On Fire, and there is no reason whatsoever for you to rethink your strategy here. Just get in, get spinning and take your loot home – easy as you like!

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Bells On Fire

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Rolling Back the Years – In Style!

Amatic (professionally known as Amatic Industries GMBH) is an Austria based game developer and distributor with an illustrious track record of over two decades. Recently, the company has acquired rights of many lucrative foreign markets, most notably those in Asia, allowing it to regularly come up with exciting slots.

Bells on Fire franchise is a direct result of this prosperity, as can be clearly seen by the success of both of the instalments so far. The first impression we got from Bells On Fire was that of a classic video slot with fruits and measured payout – the kind that is developed in dozens by almost every game developer. So, why is it that one should pick this one over thousands of other alternatives?

Well, for starters, it comes from a trustworthy developer. The house edge here – although not revealed explicitly – is apparently minimal, as we could consistently recover our wagers, even when we weren’t hitting profitable combos.

Second of all, this slot is fully HTML5 compatible, meaning that it can be launched, loaded and played on almost every device you can think of. Enough reasons to put this at the top of your favourite penny slots, we would think!

The Gameplay

There is not much that can be said about the gameplay that the developer has employed here, apart from the fact that it is a classic slot in every which way you care to look at it.

There are 5 reels to spin and 20 paylines to put your money at stake on. This is again a very mundane set up that would rarely incite some excitement among veteran slot players. This very fact, however, make Bells On Fire a perfect slot for newbies, as they can acclimatize themselves with slots and their fickle ways, without exposing themselves to risks of losing sizeable sums of money.

Like many other Amatic slots, Bells On Fire allows players a mid-sized betting range defined by 1 coins per line per spin. As there are 20 lines to choose from, you can hope to wager no more than 20 coins, and these coins can be valued (each) between 1 cent and $1. So, all things boil down to a betting range of 20 cents to $20 – a fair deal considering that this is a penny slot.

But hey – this is just the beginning. Bells On Fire knows much too well how to give back, too. Let’s see how…

Toll the Bells, Till the Mint

The regular symbols of this slot are as predictable as they could have been. Customary fruits of slot and the Lucky Seven make up the team. While most of these pay out scantily, some are more gracious, and we want you to be on the lookout for those.

The jackpot symbol is the Lucky Seven. If you are lucky enough to have this Seven in a 5-on-5 combination, consider yourself 10,000 coins richer, because that’s how much this jackpot pays upfront.

The scatter symbol is even more exciting than this jackpot. It has everything that the Lucky Seven has (10,000 coins, you see) – plus it can unlock up to 15 free spins. These are no ordinary spins anyhow, because all that you win in these spins will be straightforwardly tripled – each time, all the time!

Hells Bells!

Bells On Fire does a great job of adding up on the legacy of Bells on Fire. It pays almost doubly better, and it looks much more improved stylistically, as well.

All we can say here is that if you are looking for a safe bet to learn iGaming first hand, this slot is the one you should be spinning right now.

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